Release your Product's Potential.

We help resilient Founders clean up the mess, put some order
and scale to their potential through Product-led Growth

Are you tired of pinning your hopes on
tactics that failed to move the needle?

We get it – day in and day out, you’re doing everything you can to bring your product in front of as many eyeballs as possible. But something is holding you back from smoothly converting them and keeping them engaged – all while the clock is ticking and you’re running out of resources and patience.

No matter what silver bullets or “hacks” you will find in the market, there are no shortcuts to unstrained product led growth. By the time you will realise that, you will have even less time, a confused team and less money in the bank

The only thing that matters is getting to product-market fit

How we help

Product Led Discovery call

We dive together into your challenges and share our process. By the end of our engagement, you will have a full understanding of how we work and what you can expect from our audit.

User Onboarding audit

We will work on your free-to-paid conversion rate and find the top optimisations you can do to have the biggest impact. We aim to 2x-6x this metric by the end of our engagement.

Interim Head Product Led Growth

No matter what the challenge is, we will work with the Founders, the Product and Marketing team to make sure you are all on track. We have already encountered 99% of your current mistakes.

Forward Partners
Forward Partners

Who are we

What makes us different

Growth Sandwich is a small team of former tech Entrepreneurs, Product managers and Product Led Growth Marketers based in London, UK and Strasbourg, France.

We 've gained experience in all things marketing and product but decided that, what excites us more (and also happens to be really impactful) is the dive into what drives the user's decisions.

We are not a typical agency that tries to maximize margins and scale an agency business rather than a collective of people that gets satisfaction by deepening its knowledge and expertise while helping aspiring Founders.

Our proven process

  • The Problem Discovery
  • The Groundwork
  • The PMF Cycle

The Problem Discovery

We deep dive into the company’s data, the people, the technologies and the objectives to identify if you are in Product/Market fit and what is holding back growth.

Learn about our method

The Groundwork

We coordinate your necessary groundwork – high-impact priorities and quick wins needed to ‘clean our house’ for a rolling experimentation phase.

Learn about our method

The PMF Cycle

We coordinate a process of rapid experimentation and iterations on your product and marketing, focusing on the metrics that matter.

Learn about our method

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Get to Product/Market fit.
Start scaling through Product Led Growth