Intuition or evidence?

We enable subscription businesses apply a Jobs-to-be-done mindset so that they can convert and retain more in autopilot.

Nobody expresses himself on surveys.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have you ever expressed yourself in an online survey?
  • Have you shared your deepest feelings and anxieties at a customer satisfaction questionnaire?
  • Ever told a Customer Success manager that you hate their software?

  • The secret of the most successful tech companies neither comes from planet Mars nor is based on intuition. It's fairly simple. They listen to their customers and know how to organise, prioritise and validate these insights to improve themselves.

    That's exactly what we do. We enable your team to collect the right insights that can help you build a better product or optimise your existing conversion funnel in ways that no analytics tool can do. For that, we are applying a JBTD (Jobs-to-be-done) mindset.

    Over time, it turns out it’s not just a great way for thinking about the product. It’s become a marketing strategy at Intercom, as well as informing research, sales and support.


    No product management method is universally going to get you out of trouble. The most popular frameworks, like agile, are more about the general approach your office takes. Team structure, work patterns, timing, tool deployment… They are holistic in the way they seek to address your overall operations.

    The Jobs To Be Done Framework (JTBD, for short) is different.

    Product School

    A Job To Be Done is not a product, service, or a specific solution; it's the higher purpose for which customers buy products, services, and solutions.

    How we help

    Find your product's voice

    Communicating your product's value proposition in a manner that matches the customer's expectation can become a real pain. We will help you and your team discover the right messaging to use by conducting laser-focused customer interviews.

    Meet your growth objectives

    Do you think you could sell more to your customers and retain them for more? Structured Customer Research focused on activated and churned users can, relatively quickly, reveal what prevents your product from showing its potential.

    Align all functions strategically

    Everyone has opinions on what should be shipped next. But opinions are good software's worst enemy. With Customer Research, you can gain back the control of your product by setting up an evidence-driven decision-making loop that will stay forever.

    The most intimidating point of building a product is when you stand on the abyss of the unknown. You look forward and see nothing and everything at the same time. Jobs-to-be-Done is the light guiding you and your organization through the abyss.

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    Who am I

    Hi, I am Aggelos, the founder of Growth Sandwich. I 've been a marketer for half of my life and a Product manager for the rest of it. In the past, I have led Digital Departments of recognisable companies and trained more than 500 marketers and product practitioners on how to grow their digital products.

    I am a strong advocate of the JBTD theory and consider it the only way to keep innovating in such a competitive landscape.

    Companies using a JBTD mindset

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