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Hyperfocused Go-To-Market for startups that have hustled their way to Product/Market fit but now need to prove a repeatable selling motion and recurring revenues.

Hi, I am Aggelos, the man behind Growth Sandwich. I created Growth Sandwich, back in 2017 with a sole vision: to help promising early-stage teams get their products to market in a solid manner.

Being an early-stage founder is a really hard job, almost an unfair game. A wrong hire, a false product or marketing direction can cause serious steps backwards. With limited budget, time and human resources, you need to build a product that solves a real problem and prove that people are willing to pay for it in a repeatable, recurring manner. You are wearing a lot of different hats in that game and that might push your go-to-market and growth lower in your priority list.

The rest of the story is, unfortunately, quite common. You might have hustled your way to Product/Market fit but traffic still doesn’t convert enough, your users are getting confused with your positioning and might trial your product but then leave without converting. Even those that convert, need hand-holding about everything and feels like every penny needs to be hustled. Opinions come and go and you are in the middle, looking for a plan that you can trust.

That’s when Growth Sandwich comes in. With a 10-year experience of working with or advising more than 500 founders, I will build a solid Go-To-Market plan for you, tailored to your needs and circumstances. Then, I will execute it, with you. When our cooperation ends, you will know precisely what works for your startup and what brings and converts the right user. You will know exactly what’s the right mix of tactics,thus, what skills you need to add into the team. Your users will be happier than ever and you will have the clarity and confidence of a founder that has everything in control, now and in the future.

If that makes you curious, I ‘d be more than glad to have an early, very first discussion and offer some free actionable tips.

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How we help

The Go-To-Market Mentoring

Having questions regarding the way you approach the market? Being in front of important and costly growth-related decisions or you just need someone to bounce ideas and get honest expert feedback? Through my Growth Mentoring service, I enable Tech CEOs to get the support they need to be the best version of themselves during these crucial months that the startup tries to establish scalability.

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The Absolute Go-To-Market Plan

Get a top-to-bottom strategy, researched and designed to fit your needs and the current circumstances. I will audit your current state and competition, we will discuss your expectations and I will deliver a detailed plan of actions, supported by data and research, with measurable KPIs and templates/processes you can keep using. My plan will be written in simple language, with visuals and video explanations (upon request), so that you can give it to your inhouse marketer, if you want to.

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The 5x Go-To-Market Execution

If you already have a strategy in place, now is time to 5x the return on investment of the marketing activities you already run with a top-class execution. Over the course of the last 10 years of being a Product Marketer, I have executed hundreds of strategies and developed playbooks for inbound / outbound marketing, content marketing, performance campaigns and conversion optimisation. We will discuss your needs, agree on a project and I will nail it for you. When our cooperation stops, you will keep all the playbooks so that you can assign the responsibilities to your in-house marketer.

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Forward Partners
Forward Partners

What people are saying

Hiring Growth Sandwich and Aggelos was the best thing we ‘ve done for our business. He delivered an out-of-the-box strategy and we worked together on implementing it. Before our cooperation with Aggelos, we used to believe we needed to develop the x or the y channel, just because others were doing so. But Aggelos helped us truly understand which are the channels we need to go for in a 100% data-driven manner which gave us clarity, confidence and saved a ton of money.

Moritz Dausinger

Aggelos does not hesitate to question the ways things are done and will challenge every single assumption that Founders have about their own business. He has one of the most constructive approaches you can have as you (re)build together how your startup should be positioned in the market.

Daniela Goncalves

Aggelos is hands down one of the best Growth experts I ever spoke with. We came to him with a hypothesis about what’s going on with our Product Market Fit and he turned it upside down and helped us see things we didn’t before. Now we have more clarity on what’s been really happening with our marketing efforts and have significantly shifted my thoughts about what to do next.

Jan Kuzel

Aggelos has an innovative approach to growth marketing that often only found with US-based operators. It was a pleasure to work with him and the team across a range of projects, which saw us launch two brand new companies into the market and deliver an educational growth marketing series.

Jake Higgins
Forward Partners

He never sold fairy tales to me as most of the ”growth hackers” out there. He delivered what he promised, a sustainable acquisition model in less than 3 months. But apart from the result, he also spent the necessary time I needed to build a solid understanding of growth marketing. I highly recommend Growth Sandwich as your growth partners! Thanks, Aggelos!

Von Sy

He can understand very quickly what does a business need, how to set the right objectives and the ways to achieve them, it’s really impressive. Highly recommend him to any company founder. Thanks, Aggelos

Rafael Scemama
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