Intuition or evidence?

We help customer-centric companies unblock 20% more ARR through user research driven experiments.

Nobody expresses himself on surveys.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have you ever expressed yourself in an online survey?
  • Have you shared your deepest feelings and anxieties at a customer satisfaction questionnaire?
  • Ever told a Customer Success manager that you hate their software?

  • The secret of the most successful tech companies neither comes from planet Mars nor is based on intuition. It's fairly simple. They listen to their customers and know how to organise, prioritise and validate these insights to improve themselves.

    That's exactly what we do. We conduct your customer research and deliver insights that can help you build a better product or optimise your existing conversion funnel in ways that no analytics tool can do.

    "Product is now your competitive advantage."

    Why Customer Research

    More conversions

    Our bulletproof method can help you convert more. We achieve that by optimising each point of your conversion funnel using deep customer evidence. Are you insecure about your positioning and copies? Not sure about your onboarding? Both can be addressed through our method.

    Less churn

    Do you think you could sell more to your customers and retain them for more? Structured Customer Research focused on activated and churned users can, relatively quickly, reveal what prevents your product from showing its potential.

    More piece

    Everyone has opinions on what should be shipped next. But opinions are good software's worst enemy. With Customer Research, you can gain back the control of your product by setting up an evidence-driven decision-making loop that will stay forever.
    Forward Partners
    Forward Partners

    Who am I

    Aggelos is the founder of Growth Sandwich. During the last 2 years, he had the chance to work with companies of all sizes, from unicorns like Farfetch, London-based VCs to early-stage startups. So far, through his courses, he has trained more than 500 marketers and founders in 6 different countries and has helped numerous SaaS businesses unblock growth.

    He is passionate about all things product and particularly obsessed with the path from Product/Market fit to Product-led Growth.

    Our proven process

    • The Problem Discovery
    • The Groundwork
    • The PMF Cycle

    The Problem Discovery

    We deep dive into the company’s data, the people, the technologies and the objectives to identify if you are in Product/Market fit and what is holding back growth.

    Learn about our method

    The Groundwork

    We coordinate your necessary groundwork – high-impact priorities and quick wins needed to ‘clean our house’ for a rolling experimentation phase.

    Learn about our method

    The PMF Cycle

    We coordinate a process of rapid experimentation and iterations on your product and marketing, focusing on the metrics that matter.

    Learn about our method