About Growth Sandwich

Who we are, how we got here, and what we stand for

Our story

Our story starts back in 2017 with a vision to create an honest growth hacking agency, one that would succeed because it would deliver high quality expertise and no fluff, personalised services. How naive of us…

In less than 1 year, we, Aggelos (the founder) started doubting about our desire and ability to scale an agency. We realised that scaling a growth hacking agency would require us to become of them, start selling fluff to keep our capacity low, use prioritisation lists based on how happy a client is and occasionally sell some fairytales.

Meanwhile, the launch of Growth Bootcamp, our flagship training program and other courses have travelled us to more than 6 countries and let us train more than 500 marketers and founders.

What makes us different

What we stand for

What we stand for

We‘re proud to stand out the way we do things. Every company that has worked with us no matter their size, their financial power or status will tell you that:

  • we are not afraid of saying the hard truths even if these are not pleasing for the client
  • we care about our clients more than our margins
  • we don't employ account managers or sales people, you will speak and work directly with us
  • we do not negotiate or water down what needs to be done and never participate in politics
  • we are not and will never become an agency

We work with very few clients that care about substance, not fluff or “hacks” and use this as our differentiation point. If the above doesn’t click with you, feel free to check out our secret research on the most well known European growth hacking agencies.

Growth Sandwich today

It’s become clear to us – and many in the industry – that getting to scalability is not a matter of tactics, or hacks; there are no silver bullets to success, and there is no growth hacking without first optimizing a product until it reaches the point to which it can be scaled. We’ve since narrowed our focus on a product-first approach, and it’s already paid off; through our framework, we’ve helped countless clients reach the point at which they can truly start to scale through reaching the ultimate success metric: Product/Market fit.

Growth Sandwich today