A 2-Day Growth Marketing Bootcamp for Founders & Junior Marketers

Our 2-day course is our most popular one, and includes a deep-dive into the Growth Marketing process through the eyes of real, proven cases. The course is designed for early stage company founders and marketers with some prior experience.

Within the course, we focus on building a framework for running experiments to maximize a given set of KPIs. In addition, we take a hands-on review of acquisition, engagement, and retention channels and best practices.

More than that though, this course focus on being interactive; applying the curriculum to real cases of our audience and exchanging / discussing ideas that could be applied for a given case using a Growth framework.

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The only Growth course that..

Uses real data from real cases and campaigns being running concurrently
Walks through how to apply the process practically, avoiding theory and fluff wherever possible
Focuses on being interactive and tailoring material to the audience, instead of following strict course materials.
Is consistently hosted in collaboration with renowned VCs and has attendees from top tech-companies like Amazon & Google


I love the small groups. You really feel engaged with the speaker and the speakers are also engaged with you. Every session, we’re working through different tasks and applying the knowledge that we’re learning – That is the best way to learn as a startup.
- Drover Team

Your Hosts

We’ve built some of our own startups. We’ve failed, learned something, and done it all over again. In the past decade, we’ve had the chance to work with disrupting companies within the London startup scene, transferring those learnings to our Bootcamp sessions, which depend solely on our real cases that have been (and sometimes are concurrently) tested & validated.


Programme Outline

We’ve designed a programme that we believe is an ideal blend of fundamental theory and practical applications. We make great efforts to personalize our content to our audience and update it constantly to keep it up-to-speed with the latest industry trends and campaigns we’re concurrently running. The entire curriculum incorporates examples from real-cases, in-class interactive assignments, and tools that can help you maximize performance.

DAY 1: 

Marketing & Product Essentials, Paid Advertising & Lead Magnets

Before diving into any kind of Acquisition, we’ll need to go through some essentials. On day 1, we’ll go over..

  • Product & Essentials – Explore some marketing essentials, as well as some key Product metrics & processes. We will go over a few key topics, including Competition Analysis, Persona design, Messaging, Strategy vs Tactics, Customer Economics, KPIs, and most importantly, building a Growth framework for prioritizing, testing, and optimising ideas.
  • Paid Advertising & Lead Magnets – Dive into Paid Advertising & what you need to have in place before starting it. We’ll explore some paid channels and their best practices whilst focusing on Funnel Design, Analytics, building & validating Personas, applying the Growth framework practically, and how Lead Magnets can help you literally change the game.
  • Organic Acquisition – Dive into how you can create a strategy of predictable and repetitive low-cost organic traffic to balance your acquisition costs

DAY 2:

Landing Pages, Virality & Referrals

Paid advertisement by itself rarely brings sustainable growth. On day 2, we’ll talk about..

  • Landing Pages & SEO – Explore processes and structures for maximizing website performance, landing pages, SEO to maximize the benefits from your paid ads and organic strategy.
  • Virality & Referrals – Discuss referrals, an element which can help you truly maximize your growth through virality
  • Your Own Cases – Open up the discussion and dive into your own cases, applying the course’s materials to your current project, and discussing tactics, experiments you can run, tips and best practices.

Who is it for?

This program isn’t for everyone. We’ve carefully designed a curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of Growth Marketing whilst diving into practical applications. You should consider attending if you’re a..

  • Entrepreneur – Founders, Co-Founders or other Management level roles running an early-stage, pre-product / market fit startups.
  • Entry Level Marketer or Career Switcher – Marketers with less than 1 year experience or career switchers with strong initiative to learn, are ideal for the curriculum of this course.

This program isn’t for you if you’re a..

  • Senior Digital Marketer – If you have 5+ year experience running & scaling a company’s digital marketing campaigns and initiatives, this program is -probably- not for you. While you will learn a lot of new approaches and generate new ideas, our curriculum dives into several things that might feel redundant.


The biggest thing for me has been the wide range of up-to-date, industry specific skills that can be applied straight away. Often times, you see a course that will purely give you theory - Growth Marketing is a field which is changing & evolving all the time.
- Matt Cammish

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Bootcamp cost?
Our pricing differs depending on the operational costs we have. But, just to give you a better idea, our London-based Growth Bootcamp courses cost 1850 GBP per student.

Can I get a job in marketing after completing your course?
We work with and know several teams that are looking to hire full-time in-house Marketers. So far, every career switcher or junior marketer that has attended our Bootcamp to get a role in the field, has found one. We make a strong effort to refer strong attendees to relevant teams we’d believe would make a good fit.

How advanced is the material?
While the programme goes over many basic marketing concepts, some basic digital knowledge is assumed. We’ll definitely look over some of the basics, but you’ll get the most value from this course if you’re familiarised with 101 level digital marketing concepts.

As a founder, why should I attend this program?
Our main audience so far has been Founders of early-stage tech startups, who along with entry level Marketers will get the most value out of this course. As a Founder attending the course, you’ll be able to establish your startup’s growth stack, better prioritize product and marketing tests, and better hire, evaluate, manage, and direct your marketing team or agency.

Can the program be delivered online?
Unfortunately, the programme cannot be delivered online. We believe hosting the Bootcamps in-person allows our attendees to get maximum value through interactive exercises and get a better overall grip of the materials.

What do I need to invest in terms of time before attending?
Apart from the 2 days of commitment, we encourage you to refresh some of your digital knowledge prior to the course and dive deeper into the areas of interest after the course. Without a doubt, you can’t become an expert marketer within 2 days; we’ll equip you with the fundamental Growth concepts and deep-dive into some channels, walking through different cases and our thought processes, but you’ll need to stay hungry and curious on your own time to get the most out of it.

How does Growth Bootcamp differ from other similar programs?
While some popular similar courses are extremely useful, we consider Growth Bootcamp the most hands-on and advanced in the market. Our content is designed based on real cases and we emphasize practical over theory, walking through how to prepare your own stack, step-by-step. Our course, in contrast to others, is not designed to inspire or amaze through high-level overviews and motivational speeches – it’s an intense hands-on program for determined practitioners.

Will this program be worth it?
We believe it will. But if you’re looking to learn tips on how to hack your way to 10x user growth, it won’t be. Growth Bootcamp is an intense, practical program for determined practitioners that are ready to work hard and apply the frameworks and tactics we’ll be exploring.

So far, we had the chance to train over 200 Founders & Marketers from a variety of backgrounds – and based on feedback we’ve gotten, past attendees have always found it worthy of their time and investment, directly applying the materials to their respective projects.

How many attendees do you typically have per program?
Typically our programs have between 10-15 people each time. We like to keep classes at this size to maximize learning and interactivity.

Is the program right for early, idea-stage companies?
No. If you are a very early stage founder, still within the idea level, you might feel that it wasn’t the right timing for you, since you won’t feel ready to implement the things that will be taught.

How practical is the content?
All materials are designed and prepared by our team, Growth Sandwich, with the goal of being hands-on and practical. Our curriculum is based solely on real cases and through our experience in the industry in the past 15 years – we’re not academic instructors or motivational marketers that are here to share fancy cases (at least without guiding how to replicate them!)

Are the materials mostly for B2C or B2B companies?
We think that’s the wrong question. There is a general misunderstanding that the characteristics of B2B funnels come in contrast with consumer facing funnels. In our point of view and as we’ll explain in the Bootcamp, every product or service has its own unique funnel with its own characteristics – unrelated to whether it is consumer or business facing but rather, related to the nature of the product / service.

I might miss one of the two days, is there an option for me?
The program is short, concise and intense – if you believe you might miss a large chunk of it, we recommend you consider enrolling on a future date.

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