How customer evidence initiated fundamental changes in Adpiler's positioning and design

Adpiler is a SaaS product that enables the ecosystem around design agencies to share HTML banners and get approval. The company is based in the Amsterdam and is run by its Dutch founder, Jorrit.

Adpiler's product is very simple yet genious. The way to share HTML banners was and still is broken for the whole industry of agencies. Even reputable agencies cannot avoid sharing their work by zipping the HTML code and sending the zipped folder as an attachment. If you have ever worked with clients, chances are you already understand why this is problematic and how confusing it can become for the average client.

- What was the problem?

Jorrit, the founder of the business, was very busy managing the engineering team and experimenting with go-to-market ideas. When we first met, he liked the idea of having the true Voice of the Customer and getting deep feedback about Adpiler. As a result, we started working together on a customer research project. The results of my research made him initiate a lot of fundamental changes in the product but especially in its positioning and targeting.

Without Aggelos customer feedback, we would lose customers and we would spend more time and effort on improving features we shouldn’t have to.

Jorrit Baerdens

I am more of a product guy and he helped step out of my comfort zone, which I didn’t have fuel to do it myself.

Jorrit Baerdens

I interviewed more than 15 power users with the Jobs-to-be-done approach, aiming to fully understand the following.

  • What was the value they getting from Adpiler how where they describing it
  • How did the switching behavior look and feel like internally
  • How are using Adpiler specifically
  • What were they doing to do the job before Adpiler (Jobs-to-be-done competition)
  • What is good and bad about Adpiler
  • What is good and bad about Adpiler alternatives

...what happened was definitely unexpected.

So, what happened after?



  • We discovered unexpected use cases of Adpiler
  • We sharpened Adpiler's messaging
  • We built stellar empathy about our market
  • We discovered Adpiler's true competition
  • We informed our Go-to-Market for LTV and Virality maximization

We will use his customer feedback to re-design our homepage, change our content and restructure the platform’s UX. His work was the kick-off of Adpiler 2.0

Jorrit Baerdens

I had assumptions about the problems we were solving which Aggelos’ work disproved. His qualitative research was then backed with data and we realized we should change our positioning to reflect our true value in a better way.

Jorrit Baerdens

The results?

  • We realized that the vast majority of very happy customers were not using the product as we expected or as we have initially sold it for. Out of commercial confidentiality, I cannot disclose more information about that.
  • We figured specific ways the customers were using to describe the value of Adpiler which will be used in the new homepage and any marketing activities.
  • We deeply understood the ecosystem of agencies, clients, freelancers and figured how could we tailor our approach to maximize LTV and Virality
  • We deeply understood our customers' alternatives, their goods and their bads compared to us and therefore, how can we keep Adpiler's value proposition a no-brainer compared to these alternatives.
  • We deeply understood our customers' switching and purchase behavior which enabled us to disqualify channels that wouldn't work and develop others that seemed to be more powerful.
  • We discovered new cases of the product that were developed organically, against our primary use case, which acted as commercial feedback for Adpiler's founder on where does he need to expand.
  • We collected product feedback in the form of unmet needs and challenges.


Adpiler was and is already a tool that managed to reach strong product/market fit and sustain a very healthy MRR organically. With our support, Adpiler's founder and the rest of the team built deep empathy about their customers which helped them keep developing an amazing solution without losing time or money into unsuccessful ventures, marketing or misleading messaging and positioning.

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