How Jetti’s Go-to-Market
became product-led

Since what you ‘re interested in is a better Go-to-Market strategy, here is a case study from our clients breaking down how we did it for them. If you want to read the full case study, click HERE.

Jetti is a multi-vendor marketplace creator and dropshipping software that helps e-commerce businesses scale their operations by expanding their product lines. The company is based in the UK and more specifically, it started in a beautiful city named Bath by its existing founder, Jon.

Since its birth, Jetti has been a fully bootstrapped business which reveals the health of that company as it was reflected in customer retention and loyalty. That was the element that made Jetti successful. Despite Jetti’s team being quite small until recently, Jetti, as a product, has a quite respectable reputation and awareness in the market. It’s quite noticeable that Jetti is considered as one of the top solutions in this space despite competing with quite large Software companies with 10x their size of staff.

- What was the problem?

After some years of successful operation, Jetti decided that it’s time for them to start scaling their Go-to-Market. It’s true that the business, despite its health and amazing core product, had a more sales-driven approach concerning Go-to-Market but that never became a serious roadblock for them as the product mostly addresses bigger e-commerce teams, definitely not one-man businesses or early-stage e-commerce startups.

We thought we needed someone to help in advertising but we soon realised it wouldn’t work. Most of the people we spoke with proposed more ads, more leads but didn’t really understand the nuances of what we are doing.

Jon Bolt
CEO @Jetti

We didn’t want to be told to pour more money into ad spend from people that didn’t understand our industry. We found candidates that were really strong in ads or content but he spoke about product. His knowledge for product made us think he won’t just try to dump qualified leads into the business, an approach that most marketers have.  

Francisco Campos
Head of Ops @Jetti

After reviewing lots of different professionals, offerings and ideas, we ended up having a discussion that became the commencement of our collaboration.

They came to Growth Sandwich with some quite specific expectations:

  • A user onboarding that would make their activation less high-touch
  • An acquisition mix that would bring the right eyeballs in the product

So, what happened after?



  • Product-led user onboarding design
  • Feedback loop design
  • An insanely sustainable acquisition strategy (CAC = LTV/10)

He led us to understanding what would work, he educated us, that was really useful. That strategy-led approach was critical

Jon Bolt
CEO @Jetti

He stood out because he understood Go-to-Market in a holistic way. He didn’t jump in to talk about more ads or more content. He took a step back and thought strategy. Compared to others, he didn’t try to action things without investigation, that really struck a cord to me

Francisco Campos
Head of Ops @Jetti

The results?

  • Jetti’s onboarding became Product-led
  • Customer success processes were introduced to create a product and marketing feedback loop
  • CAC < 70$ with a potential to go 30-40% lower, while the average industry’s LTV is over 6000$ (therefore this CAC gets paid off within less than one month)


With a Product-led User onboarding, a very specific Customer Success process that was proactively saving leads and this top-of-the-funnel approach, the company had a fully sustainable Go-to-Market plan that could scale. If you want to read the full case study, click HERE.

Worried about your Marketing efforts not paying off? We might be able to find the problem and solve it with a Product-led Go-to-Market strategy.
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