Customer-Led Growth Roadmap

With so many channels, ideas, tools and experts to choose from, crafting a solid Go-to-Market to hit your targets can become rather stressful. Your job, as an early-stage founder, is to manage the whole company’s performance, not to be a swiss army knife for marketing.

Are you experiencing any of the challenges below?

  • Your marketing efforts are all over the place and you don’t have the time to develop the next-level go-to-market strategy.
  • Users don’t get as excited with your value proposition as they should.
  • You need Senior Strategy-level guidance, not just theoritical advice or mentoring.
  • You cannot afford not hitting targets in the next 6-8 months.
  • You and your team have interesting ideas but don't feel confident to make decision on how to prioritize them and put them into action.
  • You just need sh** to be done ASAP.
I‘ve been where you are in my own startups but also through the hundreds of founders that I have worked with and trained. If you resonated with the points raised above, my services are designed specifically for cases just like yours.

How I Can Help

Over the last few years, I had the chance to design marketing and product strategies but also get my hands dirty with their execution. Lots of “experts” out there will share with you misleading advice and insights because they really haven’t experienced the daily challenge of running the strategy themselves. 90% of the advice that they give looks perfect in theory, until you try to put it into practice.

I have loaded my Absolute Go-to-Market Strategy service with my learning experiences working with more than 500 founders, drawing from 10 years of mistakes and successes. Here is what I can do for you during our time together:

  • I will audit your marketing and product top-to-bottom.
  • I will find opportunities and quick fixes that you can do before engaging into a lengthy engagement with me or anyone.
  • I will research your competition and figure out which are their strengths and weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
  • I will design a marketing mix using only the channels that make sense for you. No more of “why not do a bit of that or this”. Developing a channel cost in time and money and you need both of them.
  • I will set up processes for us to create quick feedback loops that will help everybody optimise his efforts on autopilot.
  • I will introduce you to processes and tools that will help you 5x your efficiency (which of course, you can keep using)

You should consider this service if:
  • You resonated with the challenges above.
  • You have Product/Market fit but need to do the next step towards Growth.
  • You are ready to ask for external help and trust me, at least for a while.
  • You are serious about Growth and don’t expect hacks and other non-existent silver bullets.

Hiring Growth Sandwich and Aggelos was the best thing we ‘ve done for our business. He delivered an out-of-the-box strategy and we worked together on implementing it. Before our cooperation with Aggelos, we used to believe we needed to develop the x or the y channel, just because others were doing so. But Aggelos helped us truly understand which are the channels we need to go for in a 100% data-driven manner which gave us clarity, confidence and saved a ton of money.

Moritz Dausinger

Aggelos does not hesitate to question the ways things are done and will challenge every single assumption that Founders have about their own business. He has one of the most constructive approaches you can have as you (re)build together how your startup should be positioned in the market.

Daniela Goncalves
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What are you getting:

  • A 5-page Audit loaded with insights and low hanging fruits (to start with).
  • A detailed, well-researched 20-25 page Growth Strategy written in simple language so that you can pass it your inhouse marketer, if you want to.
  • The products of my research: Video recordings of my interviews and my observations
  • Templates and processes for every channel included in the strategy worthy of 10 years experience.
  • The clarity, peace of mind and trust you are seeking for.


How does it feel to work with you on such a project?

Except for some help that we will need from you on the recruitment of users, the rest of the engagement is pretty much hands-off for you. We will interview users, analyse the feedback and deliver to you without supervision.

Are you doing all the interviews yourself?

I am not outsourcing them if that’s what you are asking but I might split them with one of my trusted and well-trained colleagues to maximize our combined availability and be as efficient as possible.

How long does it take?

The benefit of the service will become obvious within the first weeks of our engagement but I highly recommend you use it as your secret weapon for at least 3 months. It’s up to you.

I don’t trust you to speak with my users.

You shouldn’t but I understand. In that case, I highly recommend that you let us train you on how to nail this project yourself. Check out our related course.

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