Customer-Led Insight

"Customer-Led Growth (CLG) is a strategic approach that leverages customer insights to qualify and quantify customer value, then operationalize and optimize the end-to-end customer experience." A Customer-Led Growth loop is the optimization of your marketing and product actions based on the incoming, ongoing customer feedback and qualitative evidence.

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Growth is not consistent or predictable.
  • You are working your ass off and spending a fortune on marketing every month but still don't see the results you deserve.
  • There’s disorganization over which feature should be prioritized and which ideas are actually good or not..
  • Your team has shown signs of burnout and disapointment because results are not coming as expected.
  • Your Ideal Customer Profile is basically a educated assumption (or a guess).
  • You have launched features that did not succeed as you expected.
All these challenges might not seem like they’re connected, in reality, they all boil down to one thing: You lack a deep understanding of your customers and potential customers.

How I Can Help

What you really need cannot be reflected in a chart or a pivot table. The power of qualitative feedback and the deep levels of empathy it can offer are irreplaceable. With the use of the Jobs-to-be-done framework and my experience in user interviews, I am helping you to see all the deep fears, motives, anxieties and forces unmet needs of your customers and potential customers. In more detail:

  • I will perform an audit to figure out what areas of the business need immediate improvement .
  • I will perform qualitative research, in the form of user interviews. The customer segments will be decided in accordance with the audit.
  • I will bring you the qualitative evidence you need to solve any problem and become your team's Voice of the Customer ambassador and Go-to-Market Strategy Advisor .

You should consider this service if:
  • You resonated with the challenges above.
  • You are a B2B SaaS at growth-stage (A-series and above) company operating in the fragmanted markets.
  • You are ready to ask for external help and trust me, at least for a while.
  • You are serious about Growth and don’t expect hacks and other non-existent silver bullets.

Product Marketing

Leverage buyer insights to strengthen product go-to-market strategies and support ongoing product success.

Fine-Tune Positioning & Messaging
Improve Buyer Personas
Drive Demand & Adoption

Product Management

Support product roadmap development and prioritization by tracking ever-changing market needs.

Monitor Product Performance
Identify Product Advantages & Gaps
Develop New Products

Sales Enablement

Identify and implement strategies, tools, and processes to strengthen your sales ecosystem.

Measure Sales Effectiveness
Identify Development Opportunities
Track Process Adoption

Competitive Intelligence

Leverage real-time, competitive insights to develop the approach necessary to consistently win market share.

Foresee Competitor Moves
Assess Competitor Capabilities
Gauge Competitor Perceptions

Hiring Growth Sandwich and Aggelos was the best thing we ‘ve done for our business. He delivered an out-of-the-box strategy and we worked together on implementing it. Before our cooperation with Aggelos, we used to believe we needed to develop the x or the y channel, just because others were doing so. But Aggelos helped us truly understand which are the channels we need to go for in a 100% data-driven manner which gave us clarity, confidence and saved a ton of money.

Moritz Dausinger

Aggelos does not hesitate to question the ways things are done and will challenge every single assumption that Founders have about their own business. He has one of the most constructive approaches you can have as you (re)build together how your startup should be positioned in the market.

Daniela Goncalves
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What are you getting:

  • An agreed number of video-recorded interviews run with the Jobs-to-be-done method per month.
  • Weekly analysis of the feedback for your Marketing, Product and Customer success teams.
  • Monthly strategy insights that are 100% evidence-driven.
  • A Voice of The Customer video per month with the best and most notable quotes from the interviews to help you and your team emotionally connect with the feedback.


How does it look and feel to work with you on a daily basis?

When I start working with a new client, I am working towards achieving one thing: inspire you the trust to feel that “you ‘ve got this covered”. I am open to ideas but know exactly what I am doing so, sometimes, I might be a bit strong willed, for your own good.

Are you doing all the execution of your strategy by yourself?

That’s a great question. During our engagement, I am not just acting as your execution arm. We are working together on this, like partners. That needs to be totally clear from the beginning.

How long does it take?

The Audit and Strategy will need approximately 2-3 months. After that, we will evaluate our cooperation and if we are both happy, we will discuss about the execution.

Can we pass directly to execution?

We can discuss the microstrategy and execution of a specific channel you are running but the expectations from our engagement will be connected to the performance of the channel only.

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