I run badass research that saves you 6-digit $ mistakes.

A- and B-series B2B SaaS use us to answer questions like "what should we build next to make more money" and "how our marketing will hit the nail"?

Let me share some solid arguments

9/10 SaaS Founders claim they know what their customers want.

Being Customer-Led is not about building what your customers ask for or running NPS or other customer satisfaction surveys. Many B2B SaaS companies are missing critical pieces of business intelligence that can cripple their efforts to create a great customer experience.

We're not talking about purely demographic information. We're talking about information that digs deep into the core of your customer: What's your Ideal Customer Profile, what's his unmet needs and what are the constraints he is facing, what are the alternatives he is using to do the jobs your tool is doing, when and under what circumstances are they considering a switch in the way they do the job. The answers to these questions--and many more--are essential to a successful Growth Strategy.

No matter if you chose to be Product-led, Marketing or Sales-led, being Customer-Led is not really an option, especially if you are operating in fragmented markets. Not doing surgical moves might seriously harm you.

We both know you can't afford uncertainty

  • Can you afford almost knowing your Ideal Customer Profile?
  • Can you afford obsessing with almost the right competitors?
  • Can you afford your users to almost understand your value?
  • Can you afford prioritizing the wrong ideas?
  • Can you afford building features that are almost what users wanted but not exactly?
  • Can you afford not fully understanding the customer journey and the inner feelings behind them?

With so many fragmented markets, users get bombarded with products every day. But their capacity to use tools is not unlimited neither their budgets. You are competing for the same capacity, the same attention and the same budget. Deeply understanding your customers is a matter of Life or Death.

Do the maths yourself

  • What is the cost of a fuzzy positioning?
    A fuzzy positioning makes your Acquisition Cost (CAC) even higher than what it already is. On top of that, add the time your staff spends to substitute for your fuzzy positioning by explaining, educating and onboarding clients plus the cost of opportunity.
  • How much building the wrong things will cost you?
    Building the wrong feature is very expensive. First, you have the cost of building it in man-hours. Then, you have the cost of reverting the mistake, the cost of opportunity plus your team's frustration and demotivation for building a feature that nobody needed.
  • What is the financial impact of confusion, ambiguity and demotivation?
    You can live with a product that doesn't hit the nail for a little bit but try living with a team that has lost faith in its ability to solve problems or take impactful decisions that hit the targets. Can you put a value to that? It's your entire business' value.

Some *bonus* solid arguments

  • Industry Titans Have Adopted The Customer-Led Approach
    While being Marketing, Sales or Product-led might be an option, being a customer-led SaaS company is not an option. If you want to succeed, this is the approach that you need to take. Industry titans like Intercom, Fullstory, Slack, and Dropbox are clear examples of just how successful customer-led SaaS companies can become.
  • Fragmented Markets Force You To Be Customer-Led
    With more and more solutions in the B2B market competing for the same budgets, the only B2B SaaS companies that will survive are the ones who deeply understand the unmet needs and pain points of businesses.
  • Conversion Funnels Are All About Customer Behavioral
    Evaluating, trialing, advocating, and adopting new software can prove to be challenging and complex for many businesses. Successful B2B SaaS companies understand these behavioral dynamics and adjust their go-to-market strategy accordingly.

Things you can do with my help

Launch a free trial or freemium model

Customer research can help you deeply understand how to build a Product-led Go-to-Market through a Free Trial or Freemium model.

Success metric: Growth Rate

Increase Sales and Marketing ROI

Your Sales and Marketing efforts will benefit from a deep understanding of the buyer journey and words used to describe value.

Success metric: MQLs, SQLs, PQLs

Improve the ICP and Segmentation

The fine details that distinguish the ideal from non-ideal customers will be revealed and quantified into targeting criteria.

Success metric: MQLs, SQLs, PQLs

Know exactly what to build and how

Product teams can focus on solving problems better by empathizing with the customers’ jobs and underserved outcomes.

Success metric: Adoption, Retention

Truly understand churn and reduce it

Customer research reveals the truth behind ‘I am not using it any more’ or ‘it’s too expensive for me’. 

Success metric: Retained users

Improve your positioning

Customer research will help you describe your offering in a way that users understand and appreciate.

Success metric: MQLs, SQLs, PQLs

How we help

Customer-Led Insight

Our customer insights can help you to drive your growth and product roadmap with confidence. Improve your positioning, refine your ideal customer profile, reduce churn, and deliver better product experiences by understanding how your customers think.


  • Qualitative research project design.
  • Video-recorded customer interviews.
  • Insights and recommendations for high-impact adjustments across sales, marketing and product.
  • Tell me more

    Customer-Led Growth Roadmap

    Get a detailed, well-researched, and evidence-driven growth roadmap to hit targets for the next 6-months. Leverage the right opportunities, save your time and money by focusing on quality execution.


  • A well-researched, evidence-driven 20-25 page Growth Roadmap.
  • Video-recorded customer interviews.
  • Trusted vendors recommendations.
  • Learn more

    Interim VP Product Growth (not available)

    Looking for a Product Marketing Leader to help you transition to a customer-led approach? Upon availability, we can offer Interim VP Product Growth services to help your B2B SaaS company grow and evolve.


  • A well-researched, evidence-driven 20-35 page Growth Roadmap.
  • Product and Marketing processes.
  • Marketing and Product recruitment, hiring and education.
  • Growth Roadmap execution.

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  • And that's me. Hi.

    The most intimidating part about running a SaaS is when you need to make important decisions but lack both confidence and evidence to progress forward. The best SaaS teams in the world are using one simple and proven process as a guiding light. I can build this process for you, giving you and your team the confidence to grow.

    Too good to be real? It's not. I have done it already for businesses like yours.

    Kind Regards,
    Aggelos Mouzakitis
    Founder, Growth Product Manager @Growth Sandwich

    Forward Partners
    Forward Partners

    People I paid to say good things about me

    Hiring Growth Sandwich and Aggelos was the best thing we ‘ve done for our business. He delivered an out-of-the-box strategy and we worked together on implementing it. Before our cooperation with Aggelos, we used to believe we needed to develop the x or the y channel, just because others were doing so. But Aggelos helped us truly understand which are the channels we need to go for in a 100% data-driven manner which gave us clarity, confidence and saved a ton of money.

    Moritz Dausinger

    Aggelos does not hesitate to question the ways things are done and will challenge every single assumption that Founders have about their own business. He has one of the most constructive approaches you can have as you (re)build together how your startup should be positioned in the market.

    Daniela Goncalves

    Aggelos is hands down one of the best Growth experts I ever spoke with. We came to him with a hypothesis about what’s going on with our Product Market Fit and he turned it upside down and helped us see things we didn’t before. Now we have more clarity on what’s been really happening with our marketing efforts and have significantly shifted my thoughts about what to do next.

    Jan Kuzel

    Aggelos has an innovative approach to growth marketing that often only found with US-based operators. It was a pleasure to work with him and the team across a range of projects, which saw us launch two brand new companies into the market and deliver an educational growth marketing series.

    Jake Higgins
    Forward Partners

    He never sold fairy tales to me as most of the ”growth hackers” out there. He delivered what he promised, a sustainable acquisition model in less than 3 months. But apart from the result, he also spent the necessary time I needed to build a solid understanding of growth marketing. I highly recommend Growth Sandwich as your growth partners! Thanks, Aggelos!

    Von Sy

    He can understand very quickly what does a business need, how to set the right objectives and the ways to achieve them, it’s really impressive. Highly recommend him to any company founder. Thanks, Aggelos

    Rafael Scemama
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