Jobs-to-be-done Training

Learn How to Build & Sell Products that People Love.

Build Products That People Love

With such a plethora of new products being built every day, it’s not enough to superficially understand your customers' needs. You must deeply empathize and discover the outcomes they want to generate and their unmet, underserved needs.

Our Jobs-to-be-done Training teaches the core elements of Jobs-to-be-done and how this can this become actionable for your Product, Marketing and Sales experts. This course won't teach you theory you can find in any book about Jobs-to-be-done. Instead, we teach proven, actionable frameworks and applications of Jobs-to-be-done, so you can adopt them yourself, internally.

By the end of this training, you will be able to...

  • Find out your customers' jobs to be done and expected outcomes.
  • Perform Customer Interviews that make people tell you the truth.
  • Analyse qualitative feedback.
  • Turn Qualitative evidence into actionable Product, Marketing or Sales adjustments.
  • Investigate any sort of growth challenge with confidence.

Application Deadlines

Course Dates: September 21st - September 25th, 2020 Maximum capacity: 20 participants We allot seats within our training on a first-come, first-served basis. We offer Early-Bird pre-registrations.


Dates: June 11 - August 15, 2020
Early birds only:
Guarantee your seat and get a $500 Early-Bird discount when you pre-register by August 15th, 2020.

Course Dates: October 26th - October 30th, 2020 Maximum capacity: 20 participants We allot seats within our training on a first-come, first-served basis. We offer Early-Bird pre-registrations.


Dates: August 11 - September 26, 2020
Early birds only:
Guarantee your seat and get a $500 Early-Bird discount when you pre-register by September 26th, 2020.

Course Format

Our focus is on delivering a solid, compact training with no "filler content". The course is very actionable and needs active engagement from the participants.


1. Learn The Necessary Theory

In each chapter, you will learn the basic theory needed to be able to deeply understand and synthesize yourself. Slides are used but we encourage participants to ask questions and take notes.

2. Real Examples

To deeply understand the theory, we make use of real-life examples built with real Growth Sandwich customers. We are using lots of different materials such as recorded video interviews, qualitative research analysis sheets, and case studies.

3. Do Your Own Practice

At the end of the course, during the last chapter, we dedicate time to practice customer interviews ourselves. Participants are encouraged to volunteer in live interview examples with the instructor both in the role of the interviewee and also the interviewer.



Streaming video sessions are 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM GMT or 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM PST.



During this first session, we will dive into what Jobs-to-be-done is and all the associated theory that will help us to deeply understand the why's and the how's of the next sessions. Jobs-to-be-done research cannot be scripted therefore it's important to deeply understand the core elements of the theory. After this first session, you will have a good basis of the following:

  • What is really the Jobs-to-be-done and who's it for?
  • What is the Jobs-to-be-done timeline and how can you unpack its critical moments?
  • What are the Job-to-be-done forces and how can you unpack them?
  • ...and more
Finally, you’ll become part of our Slack community and introduce yourself.



During our second session, you will learn how to perform Jobs-to-be-done interviews that make people reveal the truth. We will go through questions that take the truth "out of the horse's mouth" and techniques that are showing us when our interviewee is lying. After this session you will have answers to the following:

  • What are the right questions and attitudes to have when participating in a JTBD Interview?
  • How to lead the conversation without being dominating.
  • What's the "researcher's bias" and how to avoid it.
  • How help the user unblock memories and share them with us.



Our third and final session is the one you will enjoy the most. During this, we will dive into real case studies from actual Growth Sandwich clients and we will practice JTBD Interviews. After this session:

  • You will feel very familiar with JTBD Interviews and confident to do them yourself.
  • You will have lots of ideas for projects to run in your company.
  • You will feel clarity and confidence to solve every growth challenge that seemed unsolable.

Who's the training for?

Product managers and Product-oriented Founders

JTBD can help product aficionados better align their roadmaps with what really matters for their users. It can also become a powerful tool to build empathy within all the product-related departments such as UX and Engineering.

VPs of Sales or Marketing

Marketing and Sales professionals can figure their product's true competition and deeply understand their users' expectations and the words they are using to describe them. Ultimately, all this evidence can be used to massively improve positioning, copy, and your overall marketing mix.

Customer Success Leaders

With the use of JTBD, Customer success experts can influence the product more effectively and become a very credible source of qualitative feedback for the rest of the company. That can eventually evolve CS into becoming the center of a user-led business.

Time Commitment

Our Jobs-to-be-done training is split into three 3-hour sessions, spread across a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We've selected a time slot that is reasonable both for US and EU-based participants and we are making sure you are receiving the video recordings of the sessions in case you miss one of the classes.

However, we also believe that you get out what you put in. The value that you and your company get from the training is directly correlated with the amount of time and participation you're able to dedicate to the experience.

To get the most out of the training, you need to engage during the course but also don't be afraid to put the knowledge into action. Knowledge-driven practice is the key here. On top of that, you will need to spend some time exploring the topic yourself. On average, you will need to spend:

  • 2 - 3 hrs on course material.
  • 1 hr applying the framework


A Certified Jobs-to-be-done Researcher with more than 10 years of experience in Product Marketing. They are also the creator of the Jobs-to-be-done Value Gap Canvas and Founder of UserTalks, a Jobs-to-be-done user research on-demand service.

Aggelos Mouzakitis


  • Q
    How many applicants get invited?
  • A Each class has between 10-20 people. In certain cases, the class may contain less people but certainely not more than 20.
  • Q
    I have applied, what happens next?
  • A Thank you for applying. We will review your application and if it is successful, we will invite you to an interview process.
  • Q
    Is this training right for me?
  • A Jobs-to-be-done is a must-have framework for every SaaS professional. But, in any case, you will have the opportunity to express all of your questions or concerns during the interview process.
  • Q
    What is the refund policy?
  • A We are prepared to provide you with a 100% refund if the course does not live up to your expectations. We’re happy to do this because we firmly believe in the value of the content.
  • Q
    How actionable the content is?
  • A All courses are recorded and shared across the class.
  • Q
    In what time zone will the live online event be held?
  • A We schedule the course at times that are convenient for European and US timezones. Typically, that means early morning for US applicants and late afternoon for EU applicants.
  • Q
    Will I get access to the material after the completion?
  • A All courses are recorded and you shared across the class.
  • Q
    Are you providing a certificate of completion?
  • A We can provide a certificate of completion if you would find this to be of use. if Although, we don't want you to participate in the course with this in the forefront of your mind.

Aggelos has very in-depth knowledge about qualitative research and it helped me a lot to prepare a framework for the homepage which has millions of users.

Filip Pabisek
Opera Browser

The whole program was outstanding! Really well organized, and structured! Your presentation is really engaging as well. Keep it up.

Nikos Zanidakis

I’ll be honest with you – your seminar blew up my mind. Really!

Ivana Stevic
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