Jobs-to-be-done Transformation

Jobs-to-be-done Tranformation

"JOBS-TO-BE-DONE (JTBD) is comprised of a group of principles or tenets that form a foundation for making successful product development more effective and innovation more predictable by focusing on the customer’s job-to-be-done. The theory is based on the notion that people buy products and services to get a “job” done. Jobs Theory goes on to say that by understanding in detail what that “job” entails, companies are far more likely to create and market solutions that will win in the marketplace."

Are you experiencing any of these challenges?

  • Growth is not consistent or predictable.
  • You are working your ass off and spending a fortune on marketing every month but still don't see the results you deserve.
  • There’s disorganization over which feature should be prioritized and which ideas are actually good or not..
  • Your team has shown signs of burnout and disapointment because results are not coming as expected.
  • Your Ideal Customer Profile is basically a educated assumption (or a guess).
  • You have launched features that did not succeed as you expected.
All these challenges might not seem like they’re connected, in reality, they all boil down to one thing: You lack a deep understanding of your customers and potential customers.

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How I Can Help

With the use of the Jobs-to-be-done framework and my experience in user interviews, I will transform all your existing client touchpoints into sources of truth and train your staff into becoming researchers themselves. In more detail:

  • I will perform an audit to figure out what areas of the business need immediate improvement .
  • I will change processes and set up new ones (without radically changing the way you are doing things) in order to infuse grassroots customer centricity within your business.
  • I will train your staff into finding answers to the most complex growth issues, through qualitative research and design / initiate the first research projects.

You should consider this service if:
  • You resonated with the challenges above.
  • You are a B2B SaaS at growth-stage (A-series and above) company operating in the fragmanted markets.
  • You are ready to ask for external help and trust me, at least for a while.
  • You are serious about Growth and don’t expect hacks and other non-existent silver bullets.

The outcomes:

  • You will deeply understand why some projects failed and some others succeeded.
  • Your team will be capable of finding an answer even to the most difficult and risky questions.
  • Your Marketing will see an immediate performance uplift.
  • You will figure which of the planned features actually need to be built.
  • You and your team will start feeling as if you gained the super power of deeply understanding what needs to be done for success.