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July 4, 2019

The 20 BEST Product Marketers to Follow in 2019 (and beyond)

By Aggelos Mouzakitis

Are you looking for the BEST product marketers to follow? 

In this list, you’ll find 20 product marketers and product marketing managers who are killing it with their product marketing strategies

I’ve included marketers from companies like:

  • Typeform
  • CrazyEgg
  • Drift
  • Hotjar

So if you want to find who are the most influential people in the product marketing world right now, you’ll need to take a look at this list. 

Let’s dive right in!

Product Marketers to Follow

Marketer #1: Bozena Pieniazek from Typeform

Marketer #2: Michael Berger from Gainsight

Marketer #3: Dave Gerhardt from Drift

Marketer #4: Janelle Raney from Zoom

Marketer #5: Jessica Webb from Trello

Marketer #6: Scott Shapiro from Qualtrics

Marketer #7: Cecilia Haynes from CrazyEgg

Marketer #8: Utkarsh Rai from Wingify

Marketer #9: Ryan Bonicci from G2

Marketer #10: Syed Ali Haris from Appcues

Marketer #11: John Bonini from Databox

Marketer #12: Brian Kotlyar from Intercom

Marketer #13: Andrew Michael from Hotjar

Marketer #14: Madhav Bhandari from Close

Marketer #15: Jeff Beckham from Mixpanel

Marketer #16: Michael Eckstein from Buffer

Marketer #17: Elena Korotkova from SEMrush

Marketer #18: Robin Pam from Optimizely

Marketer #19: Guillaume Moubeche from Lemlist

Marketer #20: Aggelos Mouzakitis from GrowthSandwich

Marketer #1: Bozena Pieniazek

Image Source: LinkedIn

Bozena Pieniazek is the Head of Product Marketing at Typeform. 

As you already know, Typeform is one of the brightest product marketing examples right now. 

By continuously trying to educate their users and prospects around online forms and surveys, Typeform is building a core group of loyal users. 

Bozena is leading that effort, and this is why we were glad to include her in our list. 

Company: Typeform

LinkedIn Profile URL: Bozena Pieniazek

Marketer #2: Michael Berger

Image Source: LinkedIn

The next marketer I have for you is Mike Berger. 

Mike is the VP of Product Marketing at Gainsight. 

Gainsight is a suite of tools for measuring and orchestrating customer experience insights to understand their customers better. 

With experience in companies like Marketo, Mike is one of the best product marketing marketers out there. 

Company: Gainsight

LinkedIn Profile URL: Michael Berger

Marketer #3: Dave Gerhardt

Image Source: LinkedIn

If you are active on LinkedIn, then chances are you might have seen one of Dave’s viral posts. 

Dave Gerhardt is the VP of Marketing at Drift, a B2B software that helps businesses get closer to their customers with conversational marketing. 

Dave is a brand builder who gets the in’s and out’s of product marketing and knows how to communicate the value of Drift to his audience. 

Make sure to check his LinkedIn profile.  

Company: Drift

LinkedIn Profile URL: Dave Gerhardt

Marketer #4: Janelle Raney

Image Source: LinkedIn

Zoom Video is one of the best video conferencing software right now. 

Janelle Raney is the Head of Product Marketing for this amazing company, that makes video communication, webinars, and screen sharing easy for everyone. 

Janelle is leading the product marketing efforts at Zoom and is making sure to communicate the value of Zoom to individuals and companies from all around the world. 

Company: Zoom

LinkedIn Profile URL: Janelle Raney

Marketer #5: Jessica Webb

Image Source: LinkedIn

Jessica Webb is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Trello, which was acquired by Atlassian back in 2017. 

Educating people around such an exciting product such as Trello is not easy. 

However, given the fact that Trello is growing at such a fast pace, we can say that the product marketing team at Trello is doing a great job. 

Make sure to check Jessica’s LinkedIn profile for regular updates around marketing and product. 

Company: Trello

LinkedIn Profile URL: Jessica Webb

Marketer #6: Scott Shapiro

Image Source: LinkedIn

Scott Shapiro is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Qualtrics. 

Qualtrics is a leading research, surveys, and customer experience software. 

It’s CustomerXM product, sees 75 YoY growth, with more than 450 of the world’s largest companies using it to power their customer experience programs. 

Scott is one of the key persons in that effort, and one of the product marketers you should keep an eye on. 

Company: Qualtrics

LinkedIn Profile URL: Scott Shapiro

Marketer #7: Cecilia Haynes

Image Source: LinkedIn

CrazyEgg is one of the first tools for A/B tests and optimization. 

Cecilia Haynes is leading the product marketing team at CrazyEgg. 

Apart from that, Cecilia is a webinar manager and social media manager. 

We were glad to include her on our list. 

Company: CrazyEgg

LinkedIn Profile URL: Cecilia Haynes

Marketer #8: Utkarsh Rai

Image Source: LinkedIn

Utkarsh Rai is the Product Marketing Manager at Wingify. 

Wingify is the company behind VWO and PushCrew. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, Utkarsh is working:

“At the intersection of Sales, Product and Marketing team to drive product-led growth for the business.”

Make sure to catch his posts on LinkedIn. 

Company: Wingify

LinkedIn Profile URL: Utkarsh Rai

Marketer #9: Ryan Bonnici

Image Source: LinkedIn

Ryan Bonnici is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2 (prev. G2 Crowd). 

G2 is a “community where users submit reviews on business solutions to help professionals make more informed purchasing decisions.”

Ryan and his team are helping over more than 1.5 million monthly buyers get better decisions on business software and services. 

He is very active on LinkedIn, so make sure to follow his updates. 

Company: G2 (prev. G2 Crowd)

LinkedIn Profile URL: Ryan Bonnici 

Marketer #10: Syed Ali Haris

Image Source: LinkedIn

Syed Ali Haris is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Appcues. 

Appcues is a software that helps businesses from all around the world to improve their customer experience. 

Syed is marketing and product-led growth advocate who is passionate about building audiences and educating them. 

Keep an eye on his LinkedIn updates. 

Company: Appcues

LinkedIn Profile URL: Syed Ali Haris

Marketer #11: John Bonini

Image Source: LinkedIn

John Bonini is the Director of Marketing at Databox. 

Databox is a business analytics and data visualization platform. 

John helps Databox grow fast by delivering value to both Databox’s customers and its audience. 

Company: Databox

LinkedIn Profile URL: John Bonini

Marketer #12: Brian Kotlyar

Image Source: LinkedIn

Brian Kotlyar is the Head of Demand Generation and Growth Marketing at Intercom. 

Of course, you don’t need me to tell you what Intercom is and stands for. 

Brian is leading the growth marketing and demand endeavors at Intercom. 

He is also one of the company’s leading evangelists, spreading the good news about Intercom’s product updates and new features. 

Make sure to catch his posts on LinkedIn. 

Company: Intercom

LinkedIn Profile URL: Brian Kotlyar

Marketer #13: Andrew Michael

Image Source: LinkedIn

Andrew Michael is a Product Marketing Manager at Hotjar. 

I like how he describes what he does through his LinkedIn profile:

“Creating WOW Experiences at Hotjar for our users to be able to create WOW Experiences for theirs.”

Andrew is also the host of CHURN.FM, a podcast that is dedicated to:

“Educate subscription economy pros to subscription economy pros to learn how the world’s fastest growing companies are tackling churn and using retention to fuel their growth.”

Company: Hotjar

LinkedIn Profile URL: Andrew Michael

Marketer #14: Madhav Bhandari

Image Source: LinkedIn

Madhav Bhandari is the Product Marketing Manager at Close. 

Close is a great CRM that offers lead management, Email sequences, predictive dialers, and more. 

The tool is educating its users like very few SaaS businesses out there. 

And Madhav is one of the people responsible for that effort. 

We were glad to include him on our list. 

Company: Close

LinkedIn Profile URL: Madhav Bhandar

Marketer #15: Jeff Beckham

Image Source: LinkedIn

Jeff Beckham is the Head of Product Marketing at Mixpanel. 

If you are running a SaaS business, then chances are you know Mixpanel. 

Mixpanel is a product and user behavior analytics software for SaaS businesses. 

Since Jeff is leading the product marketing efforts for this amazing software, we couldn’t but include him on our list. 

Company: Mixpanel

LinkedIn Profile URL: Jeff Beckham

Marketer #16: Michael Eckstein

Image Source: LinkedIn

Michael Eckstein is a Product Marketing Manager at Buffer. 

As you already know, Buffer is an SMM platform for businesses of all sizes. 

Michael and Buffer’s team are continuously trying to educate Buffer’s massive user base through a series of different content types and formats. 

We were glad to include him on our list. 

Company: Buffer

LinkedIn Profile URL: Michael Eckstein

Marketer #17: Olga Andrienko

Image Source: LinkedIn

Olga Andrienko is the Head of Global Marketing at SEMrush. 

She is one of the company’s leading evangelists and the person behind some of SEMrush most successful marketing campaigns. 

Olga has built one of the largest and most active online communities for SEO software on the planet. 

We were glad to include her on our list. 

Company: SEMrush

LinkedIn Profile URL: Olga Andrienko

Marketer #18: Robin Pam

Image Source: LinkedIn

As you already know, Optimizely is a leading platform for online optimization and experiments. 

Robin is a great product marketer who cares about communicating value to the Optimizely’s audience and user in every possible way. 

She is very active on LinkedIn, so make sure to follow her profile. 

Company: Optimizely

LinkedIn Profile URL: Robin Pam 

Marketer #19: Guillaume Moubeche

Image Source: Guillaume Moubeche

Guillaume Moubeche is the Founder and CEO at lemlist. 

Lemlist is a cold Email platform trusted by 8,000+ companies worldwide. 

Even though Guillaume is not a product marketer, I couldn’t miss to include him since he communicates the value of his product in the best possible way. 

Make sure to catch his LinkedIn updates. 

Company: Lemlist

LinkedIn Profile URL: Guillaume Moubeche

Marketer #20: Aggelos Mouzakitis

Image Source: LinkedIn

Aggelos Mouzakitis is the Founder and Product led Growth Lead at GrowthSandwich. 

Growth Sandwich is a Product led growth agency that helps resilient SaaS businesses pinpoint their

true challenges so that they can scale.

Make sure to follow him on LinkedIn, where he regularly shares updates related to product, marketing and growth, and catch one of his speeches across Europe. 

Company: Growth Sandwich

LinkedIn Profile URL: Aggelos Mouzakitis

Now It’s Your Turn

There you have it. 

You now know what the best product marketing managers are. 

Make sure to follow them on LinkedIn (please, don’t connect with them without a note!) and engage with their content. 

I am sure you’ll get a lot of valuable learnings from them. 

Now I turn it over to you. 

What are your favorite product marketers? Have I included them in this list? 

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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