8 Content Marketing Hacks You MUST Know (in 2019)

Growth Sandwich will participate in this year’s ABC Star Event in Austria.

The ABC Star is Austria’s Blogger and Influencer Conference, and we are really excited to be a part of this amazing event.

With regard to our participation, I prepared this article with 8 content marketing hacks that work GREAT right now (in 2019).

The best part?

I am going to show you techniques that many people know, but very few are using correctly.

In short: if you want to start making an impact with your content, you need to know these 8 content marketing hacks.

Let’s dive right in.


Content Marketing Hack 1 — Find Content Gaps With Ahrefs

Content Marketing Hack 2 — Create a List Post That Mentions Your Potential Customers

Content Marketing Hack 3 — Find Trending Content on Sparktoro

Content Marketing Hack 4 — Use “vs.” Content Pieces to Get Bottom-of-Funnel Traffic

Content Marketing Hack 5 — Conduct a Study Using Incentives for Participants

Content Marketing Hack 6 — Record, Transcribe, and Publish Internal Meetings as Content Pieces

Content Marketing Hack 7 — Use New Content Distribution Channels Like Messenger to Build a Community

Content Marketing Hack 8 — Make Your Team, Your Best Ambassadors

Content Marketing Hack 1 — Find Content Gaps With Ahrefs

If you are into marketing for a while, then you probably know Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool with many exciting features.

According to Backlinko, Ahrefs is one of the best backlink checkers out there.

Best Backlink Checker
Image Source: Backlinko

The tool has a HUGE index of backlinks that are continuously refreshed.

But, Ahrefs is much more than just a backlink tool.

It can help you discover content opportunities and relevant keywords.


Well, for starters, you need to sign up for a 7-day trial for $7.

Ahrefs 7-day Trial
Image Source: Ahrefs

Then, I want you to jump right into the Site Explorer report, for the website that interests you:

Site Explorer Ahrefs
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

And, click on the “Content gap” button:

Content Gap Ahrefs
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

There, you just have to put your domain—or the domain that you want to find content gaps for—and the domains of your competitors:

Ahrefs Content Gap
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

Something important: you can ask Ahrefs to return keywords that:

  • Any of the below targets rank for,
  • At least 2 of the below targets rank for,
  • All of the below targets rank for.
Content Gap Analysis Ahrefs
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

I always go with the last option, since it gives me a clearer idea of the actual gap between the requested and the competitor domains.

When you finish, you will have something like this:

Ahrefs Content Gap Keywords
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

Then, you can take a look at the keywords, and find ways to rank for those keywords, just like your competitors.

Content Marketing Hack 2 — Create a List Post That Mentions Your Potential Customers

This one is easy, but most people never tried it.

Let’s assume that you have a Shopify App that helps merchants recover their abandoned shopping carts.

And, that you want to target 100 Shopify stores specifically from London.

You know what these stores are, and you have information like:

  • Website URL
  • Contact Email
  • Business Owner Name
  • Business Owner LinkedIn Profile

Now, you could either:

  1. Cold call your prospects, OR
  2. Spam them with cold Emails.

In either case, your response rate will be low, and your list would be worthless.

Instead of using spammy tactics, you can create a blog post that lists all 100 Shopify stores, and mention one thing that each store does right.

Then, you could contact the business owners through LinkedIn with a beautiful, relevant and highly personalized message.

You’d be surprised how many will respond positively.

A while ago, we created the Ultimate List of Productized Services online. 

Now, if GrowthSandwich was targeting those services, it would be an excellent opportunity for us to reach out and let them know that we’ve mentioned them; don’t you think?

Design as a Service

If it makes sense for your business and industry, make sure to use this one.

Content Marketing Hack 3 — Find Trending Content on Sparktoro

I’ll keep this one short.

Sparktoro is created by the man behind MOZ, Rand Fishkin.

One of their free tools is SparkToro Trending:

Image Source: Sparktoro

You can use SparkToro Trending to see what people are talking about right now.

Similar to other content discovery tools, Sparktoro allows you to discover and curate trending articles that you can reshare on your social media outlets.

Remember: not every piece has to be created from scratch.

Make sure to use this one, and let me know what you think.

Content Marketing Hack 4 — Use “vs.” Content Pieces to Get Bottom-of-Funnel Traffic

“VS.” content pieces work GREAT.

Especially if you are into the B2B space.

A great example is Chanty:

Chanty Home Page
Image Source: Chanty

Chanty is a team communication tool (think Slack!) for fast-moving teams.

One of their best performing content pieces is the following:

Discord vs. Slack
Image Source: Chanty

Do you get it?

Chanty compares two big players with a “vs.-like” article.

And, as you can see below, it works:

Chanty vs. Blog Post
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

And also helps Chanty increase its organic traffic month-over-month:

Chanty Organic Search (Ahrefs)
Image Source: Ahrefs UI

Well done, Chanty!

Content Marketing Hack 5 — Conduct a Study Using Incentives for Participants

You don’t need me to tell you that studies work great right now.

But, why should someone participate in your study?

The answer: you have to give them a reason.

A great example is OZ Moving, and its OZ Moving & Storage College Scholarship:

OZ Moving _ Storage Scholarship
Image Source: OZ Moving & Storage Scholarship

Participants—students who are going to college—have to fill out a form that asks several questions:

OZ Moving _ Storage Scholarship (Survey Questions)
Image Source: OZ Moving & Storage Scholarship

And, for the participation to be valid, they have to fill out all the questions:

OZ Moving Scholoarship Criteria
Image Source: OZ Moving Scholarship Criteria

The incentive here is simple: a college scholarship.

But, the benefit for OZ Moving is threefold:

  1. They get to know their customers better,
  2. They have information that they can turn to a study,
  3. They can build a community (and backlinks) based on that study.

And, from what you can see below, many websites are linking back to OZ Moving’s scholarship page:

OZ Moving Scholarship Backlinks

Bonus Tip: Lemlist has published a great guide on how to get backlinks. If you are just starting out with link building, it will definitely help you.

Well done, OZ moving.

Content Marketing Hack 6: Record, Transcribe, and Publish Internal Meetings as Content Pieces

How many meetings are you holding off on a weekly or monthly basis?

Let me guess: many.

“Yes,” you are keeping Meeting Minutes, but, why not use your meetings as content opportunities?

My suggestion is this: record your meetings and use a tool to transcribe the recorded audio file.

You can use a tool like Otter:

Transcribe With Otter

It records your team meetings and automatically transcribes them into text.

Cool, right?

This process will save you a lot of creation time.

Make sure to try it out, and let me know how it goes.

Content Marketing Hack 7: Use New Content Distribution Channels Like Messenger to Build a Community

As you probably know, Messenger is extremely popular right now.

Even though most businesses use it to sell, there are some that are using to distribute their content and build a community.

A bright example is BlitzMetrics:

BlitzMetrics Messenger Message 1

BlitzMetrics is using Messenger to promote their content in a fun and engaging way.

But, they also give extra incentives for you to be active on their Messenger list:

BlitzMetrics Messenger Message 2

This is how you build a community, and how you keep your users engaged with your content.

Let’s move on to the last one.

Content Marketing Hack 8: Make Your Team, Your Best Ambassadors

You product content, you edit it, you publish it, and when you do, there is no one there to consume it.

That’s probably because you are not promoting it enough.

Your team and employees can be the best promoters of your content.

The best example here is the conversational marketing platform, Drift.

Here is one of Dave Gerhardt’s—Drift’s VP of Marketing—latest LinkedIn updates:

Dave Gerhardt on LinkedIn
Image Source: LinkedIn

And, another one by Sara Pion, a growth marketer at Drift:

Sara Pion on LinkedIn
Image Source: LinkedIn

This is a great and engaging way of building a community around your brand.

It’s also a great way to distribute your content.

I believe that this trend is going to affect how marketing works in the following years.

The Bottom Line?

The content marketing hacks are working great in the context of a holistic approach when it comes to your content marketing strategy.

In plain English: don’t expect miracles to happen if you are not willing to put in the effort.

Try to combine these with a tight content creation and promotion process, and I am sure they will help you a big deal.

Now I’d like to hear it from you: which content marketing hack are you going to use first?

Are you going to use Messenger, or maybe create a “vs.” blog post?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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