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January 18, 2022

How One Insight Funded Whereby’s Million Dollars Campaign Idea

By Aggelos Mouzakitis

A few words about Whereby

Whereby is one of the most user-friendly browser-based video conference solutions in the market. It’s super simple to use; without installs, downloads and log-ins for guests. Whereby offers personalised meeting rooms any user could jump in.

We were big fans of Whereby’s, from the very beginning of it (when first launched as, way before our collaboration.

What was the problem

During the first months of the pandemic, remote working raised the demand for video conference solutions that would help people collaborate and operate online. Most users were trying different video meeting solutions, by jumping from one software to another. 

As a result, Whereby, along with most video-conference SaaS companies, faced explosive growth but also had to deal with elevated churn.

How we helped Whereby

  • Audit
  • Value Gap Analysis (qualitative, quantitative, autopilot)
  • Opportunity survey
  • End-to-end Jobs-to-be-done Cancellation Flow
  • Internal training

We began with an audit which revealed that elevated churn was just the symptom of the problem. 

To dig deeper, we run a Value Gap analysis in 3 different areas: 

  • Qualitative value gap: We run interviews with power, churned and fresh users to acquire in-depth customer data.
  • Quantitative value gap: We also set up quick feedback questions during user flow (onboarding, churn) to validate our customer data at scale.
  • Value gap autopilot: We infused sales’ and customer success’ teams with value-gap questioning to gather insights from their interaction with users.

By setting this 360o Value Gap analysis, we got data from different user touchpoints that gave us an overview of why users come to Whereby, what are their expectations, what are their needs and jobs-to-be-done and what are the problems they face.

The results from customer research showed that during the first months of the pandemic, users were not loyal to one video conference solution. In fact, they were using 2-3 software alternatives to reassure they will be able to operate and collaborate. We also found out that there are more than 5 different types of meetings. 

So,  we had to choose which meeting type we would dominate and specify Whereby’s positioning.

After the value gap analysis, we also run an Opportunity survey to get accurate data and reveal future opportunities. 

We also tweaked the whole cancellation process and built an end-to-end jobs-to-be-done cancellation experience. From implementing proactive approaches and deflection tactics to the first activity-churn sights; to the actual churn stage that was built to gain useful feedback.  

Last but not least, we trained Whereby’s teams to identify and solve similar problems themselves. We also educated them on how to conduct independent interviews and gather data that matter, without any external third party contribution.

The results

Based on findings and learnings from customer research, we managed to: 

  • Clear the product roadmap by decreasing the irrelevant parts and elevating the ones that were really valuable, based on accurate research insights.
  • Built robust positioning with clear and strong communication that brought on board the right users and met their expectations.
  • Reveal new marketing opportunities and invest in a huge evidence-driven marketing campaign.
  • Discover a new, data-driven strategic direction for the product

What is even better is that after our collaboration, Whereby’s teams were trained well enough to independently identify and solve similar problems in the future. So, they became 100% self-sufficient.


Customer research provided Whereby with a crystal clear view of the game they need to play in the market. Based on solid data, Whereby established their positioning, knowing exactly what they offer and for whom. By the end of our collaboration, not only did they reduce churn, but they also grew to become one of the top video conference solutions in the market. 

Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos is the founder and Growth Product Manager of Growth Sandwich. He is among the first Customer-led experts in the world, leveraging advanced, Jobs-to-be-done customer research to orchestrate and guide Growth for B2B SaaS companies. A- and B- series SaaS are hiring him to organise, design and execute programs that infuse the whole company with qualitative data, empathy and the necessary knowledge to address any growth dilemma. In the last 4 years, he has worked with more than 100 SaaS companies and trained literally, thousands through my physical and online courses.