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March 14, 2019

20 Product Marketing Events you Should Not Miss in 2019 (and Beyond)

By Aggelos Mouzakitis

Are you looking for product marketing events?

Then you are in the right place.

As product marketing becomes more and more popular, so will become events that are relevant to the term.

In this list, you’ll find the best events for 2019 (and beyond).

So, if you are looking for product events that will help you sharpen your marketing knowledge, keep reading.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!


  1. Product Marketing Summit
  2. Productized Conference 2019
  3. Product Marketing Community Events 2019
  4. SaaStr Annual
  5. SaaStock 2019
  6. SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit
  7. MarketTech – The Marketing Technology Conference
  8. CXL Live 2019
  9. Hypergrowth
  10. Call to Action Conference by Unbounce
  11. Product Management Festival
  12. Seattle Interactive Conference
  13. Mind the Product – Engage Hamburg
  14. UX Hong Kong
  15. SXSW Conference
  16. Pixel Up! 2019
  17. Agile and Beyond
  18. Product Camp 2019
  19. Product Marketing Alliance Online Events
  20. Product Marketing World Summit Series

1) Product Marketing Summit

Image Source: Product Marketing Summit

The Product Marketing Summit is a product marketing conference that takes place in New York.

With speakers from companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Salesforce, Spotify, Microsoft, and WeWork, this event is one of the best marketing conferences online.

You will learn case studies, digital strategies, and best practices by some of the best B2B and B2C marketing professionals in the world.

It can help you:

  • Refine your marketing strategy,
  • Find new ways to increase customer engagement, and
  • Get new ideas on how to improve the customer experience for your product.

Make sure to check it out.

Location: New York

Date: March 21-22, 2019

2) Productized Conference 2019

Image Source: Productized Conference 2019

The Productized Conference is a two-day conference by Productized.

It is one of the product marketing conferences you should definitely check out it 2019.

With past speakers from companies like Optimizely and Instagram, this event is ideal for product marketers and product managers who want to sharpen their knowledge.

This event will help you get your buyer journey to the next level, and increase your retention, by building products that people love.

Make sure to check it out.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date: November 21-22, 2019

3) Product Marketing Community Events 2019

Image Source: Eventbrite

The Product Marketing Community Events is a series of events held in different US cities.

It is an excellent opportunity for product managers and marketing professionals to learn:

  • The latest trends regarding product marketing,
  • To meet with marketing leaders and like-minded people,
  • To refine their digital strategies and set up better processes for their marketing teams.
  • To join a product marketing community of like-minded people.

It includes the following events:

Product Marketing Community: Boston Conference 2019

Product Marketing Community: Austin Conference 2019

Product Marketing Community: San Francisco Conference 2019

Product Marketing Community: New York City Conference 2019

Product Marketing Community: Seattle Conference 2019

Product Marketing Community: Toronto Conference 2019

Location: Various Locations

Date: Various Dates

4) SaaStr Annual

Image Source: SaaStr Annual

SaaStr annual is one of the best product marketing events worldwide.

It’s an annual gathering of people working in the SaaS (Software-as-a-service) industry, or who are looking opportunities in that industry.

SaaStr has keynote speakers from companies like Marketo, SurveyMonkey, Hubspot, Stripe, Twilio, Y Combinator and Crunchbase.

Thus, as you can imagine, the value you can get from all these B2B, and B2C marketing leaders and product people is tremendous.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date: TBA

5) SaaStock 2019

Image Source: SaaStock 2019

SaaStock is a two-day event held in Dublin, Ireland.

It is one of the best marketing events and product events in the world.

It includes speakers from companies like Salesforce, Slack,, Pipedrive, and Segment.

I am sure it will give you new ideas on marketing automation and will help you improve the customer experience of your product.

Ticket prices are affordable, and I highly recommend that you check it out.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Date: October 14-16, 2019

6) SiriusDecisions 2019 Summit

Image Source: SiriusDecisions

Looking for marketing events or maybe product events with “sirius” speakers?

Then this one is for you.

SiriusDecisions is a three-day event held in Austin, Texas.

It includes many exciting sessions and keynote speakers that will help you craft better messages to educate your users and potential customers.

There are many reasons to attend this event, and the team behind the event will even help you justify your trip to your boss or supervisor.

Make sure to check it out.

Location: Austin, TX

Date: May 5-8, 2019

7) MarTech – The Marketing Technology Conference

Image Source: MarTech

MarTech is one of the most popular marketing conferences right now.

It has two main events: the one held in San Jose (West) and the one held in Boston (East).

Some of the best marketing professionals attend this event to share their stories, case studies, get new ideas and level-up their product knowledge.

Location: San Jose, CA (West) & Boston, MA (East)

Date: April 3-5, 2019 (West) & Sept 16-18, 2019 (East)

8) CXL Live 2019

Image Source: CXL Live

If you are in the product and marketing world for a while now, then you’ll know Peep Laja.

And, if you know Peep Laja, you’ll know the CXL Institute and the CXL Live.

The CXL Live is a two-day event with practitioners from companies like Booking, Microsoft, and DataCamp.

Some of the leading marketing professionals gather at Austin every year, for this fantastic event.

Location: Austin, TX

Date: March 27-29, 2019

9) Hypergrowth

Image Source: Hypergrowth

Drift equals conversational marketing.

It also equals hypergrowth.

This year, Hypergrowth will be held in three different cities.

It’s a relatively new event, but with Drift’s hype and momentum, it’s one that you can’t afford to miss.

Now, I want to be clear about something: this is not solely a product marketing event.

However, the learnings you will get from its breakout sessions and keynotes will help you become a better product marketer.

Location: London, Boston, San Francisco

Date: March 9 (London), March 24 (Boston), April 8 (San Francisco)

10) Call to Action Conference by Unbounce

Image Source: Call-to-action Conference

Here is another excellent product marketing event that is not limited only to products.

The CTA Conference is a two-day event organized by Unbounce, a leading landing page creation platform.

Besides knowledge regarding products, in this Conference you will also learn:

  • All the latest trends around digital marketing,
  • Strategies and best practices for social media marketing,
  • Inbound techniques and conversion optimization best practices.

Location: Vancouver, CA

Date: September 25-26, 2019

11) Product Management Festival

Image Source: Product Management Festival

Even though the Product Management Festival is mainly for product managers, I am sure it will help product marketers improve their performance as well.

It has two main events in Singapore and Zürich, and exclusive nights held in cities like Lausanne and Berlin.

It is an established event with high-authority speakers from all around the world.

Make sure to check it out.

Location: Singapore, Zürich

Date: June 17-18 (Singapore), November 13-14 (Zürich)

12) Seattle Interactive Conference

Image Source: Seattle Interactive Conference

The Seattle Interactive Conference is an excellent event for product marketers, UX designers, and product managers.

This two-day event covers a variety of interesting topics and helps executives and mid-level employees become better at what they do.

If you are serious about product marketing, you should consider attending it.

Location: Seattle

Date: October 17-18, 2019

13) Mind the Product – Engage Hamburg

Image Source: Mind the Product Hamburg

Mind the Product is a three-day event that is dedicated to products.

It is held in Hamburg and attracts marketing and product professionals who want to meet with like-minded people and learn the latest trends around product management.

Besides the main events, there are workshops and hands-on sessions—like the Product Discovery workshop—where attendees can connect and exchange ideas.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Date: May 22-24

14) UX Hong Kong

Image Source: UX Hong Kong

Even though this is not an event that is directly addressed to product marketers, I recommend it if you happen to be in Hong Kong around this time.

It is mainly for UX designers and product managers who want to discover the latest trends and practices when it comes to effective product design.

Location: Hong Kong, China

Date: February 15-16, 2019

15) SXSW Conference

Image Source: SXSW Conference

SXSW is one of the most popular conferences on innovation, technology, and products worldwide.

It has featured speakers, keynotes speakers, and breakout sessions that every product marketer should attend—at least once in their career.

From entrepreneurship and startups to design and marketing, this is a significant event for every marketing professional.

Location: Austin, TX

Date: March 8-16, 2019

16) Pixel Up! 2019

Image Source: Pixel Up! 2019

As you can see in the picture above, Pixel UP! is a three-day event dedicated to content marketing, UX, design, and research.

It has speakers from companies like Google, Pinterest, Shopify, Adobe and eBay.

This event will help you:

  • Learn the latest trends regarding product marketing,
  • Meet with marketing leaders and like-minded people,
  • Refine your content strategy and set up better processes for your marketing team.

Location: Cape Town, Africa

Date: March 11-13, 2019

17) Agile and Beyond

Image Source: Agile & Beyond 2019

Agile & Beyond is a great three-day event help in Detroit, Michigan.

As the title indicates, this event can help you go agile with your product and marketing endeavors, and create better customer experiences.

Location: Detroit, MI

Date: March 29-31, 2019

18) Product Camp 2019

Image Source: Product Camp 2019

If I had to describe this event in three words, that would be:

Product Design. Strategy. Growth.

This event is ideal for practitioners who want to become better marketing professionals, by learning the latest practices when it comes to products.

Make sure to check it out.

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Date: June 5-7, 2019

19) Product Marketing Alliance Online Events

Product Marketing Trailblazers will bring together industry leaders from across the world of product marketing to share innovative strategies and outside-the-box approaches to PMM success.

Link: Product Marketing Alliance online events

Location: Online

Date: Dec 1 & 2

20) Product Marketing World Summit Series

Product Marketing World summit series brings together the world’s largest community of product marketers to share success stories, experiences, and challenges of those positioned at the intersection of product, marketing & sales. This world series of summits is set to make a return following a pandemic-induced hiatus with an ambitious calendar of global locations throughout 2022.

Link: Product Marketing World Summit Series

Location: London

Date: November 26

Do you have any events that we missed to include in this list?

Leave me a comment below, and I’ll make sure to add them if they are a good fit.

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