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December 21, 2018

Productized Services Examples: The Ultimate List (for 2019)

By Aggelos Mouzakitis

This is the ultimate list of productized services examples in 2019.

Inside, you will find productized service businesses that can help you with WordPress tasks, web design needs, landing page creation, content marketing efforts and more. 

From design as a service to accounting and coaching services, this list will give you every you need to launch, run and grow your online business.

Let’s dive right in. 


Category 1: Design as a Service

Category 2: Content Creation as a Service

Category 3: WordPress Support & Hosting

Category 4: Audio/ Video & Podcast Editing

Category 5: Marketing

Category 6: Lead Generation

Category 7: Online Support

Category 8: Public Relations

Category 9: Coaching Services

Category 10: Accounting & Legal Services

Design as a Service

1. Kapa99

Kapa99 offers unlimited graphic design requests and revisions for a flat monthly rate.

It offers a 15-day free trial, and you can cancel at any time.

Agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs mainly use the service.

2. Design Pickle

Design Pickle is an unlimited graphic design service that also offers unlimited revisions.

It has a seamless flow and offers a standard and a pro plan, based on your needs.

It has been used by companies like Digital Marketer and Think Automate Grow.

3. Udullify

Udullify is an unlimited graphic design service for marketing agencies, eCommerce stores, small businesses and social media agencies.

It offers a variety of designs and offers four different plans, depending on your design needs.

It also offers unlimited revisions for its designs.

4. ManyPixels

ManyPixels is an unlimited graphic design service for startups, agencies and freelancers.

It has a fast turnaround and promises fully-custom and pixel-perfect designs.

It offers two plans, a basic and a premium one.

5. Penji

Penji is an unlimited graphic design service that offers a 15-day free trial as well as unlimited revisions for your designs.

It also offers a 48-hr turnaround time at a monthly rate fee.

The service is used mainly by startup businesses, agencies and merch sellers.

6. Draftss

Draftss is an unlimited landing page UI/UX and graphic design service.

It offers a variety of services like logo and branding, illustration, web UX and UI, infographic design, social media and (even) packaging.

Like other design services, it offers unlimited revisions and quick turnaround time.  

7. Growmodo

Growmodo is a monthly web design and concierge service for growing businesses and startups.

It helps you design a website that is optimised for conversions, and that will get you the results you want.

The service includes several web design tasks, technical support and on-page marketing — all, in a monthly subscription model.

8. Undesigned

Undesigned is an unlimited design service for startups.

It helps you with your brand, product and marketing design and offers three plans from which you can choose the one that fit your needs.

9. Pebbled

Pebbled is an unlimited graphic and web design service for marketers, agencies and startups that have design needs on an ongoing basis.

It offers a variety of services like web design, packaging, banner Ads, infographics, book covers and, of course, logo design.

You can try it out for free and get your money back within 15 days if you are not happy with the service.

10. DesignPac

DesignPac is a Design-as-a-Service (DaaS) that offers unlimited design services for $300 per month.

From coded Email templates to social media graphics and flat illustrations, this service can the needs of a marketing agency, freelance business or startup.

It offers a 24-hr turnaround time with one active task at a time.

11. Lightboard

Lightboard is an on-demand design service for growing and enterprise businesses.

It can help you with your presentations, website design, illustration, PDFs or display Ads.

The service offers two pricing options: by the hour or memberships, which is a subscription-based pricing model.

12. Hue

Hue is an unlimited graphic design service for startups and enterprises.

It offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the first seven days of using the service.

You can find everything from logo design to business cards and T-shirts.

13. Designmonk

Designmonk is a leading UI and UX design service for small businesses.

It helps your business or startup with logo design, landing page UI, social graphic design, mobile UI, icons/ App icons and presentations.

There is only one pricing plan with a monthly subscription and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

14. Designseedco

Design Seed is an unlimited graphic design service that provides small businesses, startups or marketing agencies affordable designs with a monthly rate fee.

The service includes unlimited designs as well as unlimited revisions and unlimited cloud storage.

15. Fairpixels

Fairpixels is a logo design service for digital startups.

Inc. says that it is “original and substantive” while tnw accepts Fairpixels as a “clever design firm”.

You can make a request and get an instant price quote and turnaround time.  

16. Page in a Day

Page in a Day is a web design service business that gets your website up and running in one business day.

Pricing starts at $995 and includes your 24-hr website, training on how to edit your website, integration with Email service providers like Mailchimp and reliable hosting.

17. Designs Unlimited

Designs Unlimited is an unlimited graphic design service that offers unlimited requests with one flat monthly fee.

It has a seamless design and collaboration process and offers a variety of services, from display Ads design to social media, stationery forms and social media.

18. DaaS

DaaS is a DevOps-as-a-service that has a team of friendly ReactiveOps engineers in control of your infrastructure.

The service offers a powerful automated system that allows you to focus on your work, while a support team of engineers that support your in-house team.

19. UnicornGO!

UnicornGO! is an unlimited graphic design service that gets you a dedicated design team for only $399 a month.

With clients like Miele and Winning Appliances, UnicornGO! Promises top-notch designs for your startup or enterprise business.

20. Advertflair

Advertflair is an unlimited on-demand graphic and web/ App design service that offers unlimited revisions and 24-hr turnaround time.

There is no commitment to the service, and you can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time.

21. Web Canoby Studio

Web Canoby Studio is a web design service for SaaS businesses.

It is trusted by worldwide brands and can help your business with various services like content creation, website optimisation or data analysis.

22. Limitless Designs

Limitless Designs is an unlimited design service for a flat monthly fee.

It offers a starter and an unlimited plan and covers a variety of services such as book cover design, social media designs or T-shirt designs.  


Dezigner is an unlimited graphic design service for growing businesses with a monthly rate that starts from $295.

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and an easy set-up process.

24. Designer Task

Designer Task is in its own words the “uber for design.”

It is an unlimited graphic design service that is committed to producing high-quality graphic designs that will help you meet your goals.

25. The User is My Mom

An on-demand audit and review productized service for websites.

It has been featured on VICE, CNBC, Wired and Fast Company, tnw and VOX.

It offers UX advice based on your website’s design and overall structure.  

26. The User is Drunk

An on-demand UX consultation where the person conducts the review (Richard Littauer) is drunk.

It has reviewed website’s from major internet companies like Hubspot, and it has been featured on major blogs like Shopify and Hubspot.

27. Pixy

Pixy is an unlimited graphic design service for startup and established businesses.

It offers three pricing plans: basic, pro and premium; and you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel at any time.

28. Graphics Zoo

Graphics Zoo offers unlimited graphic designs for a flat monthly rate.

The service is trusted by companies like Warner Bros., MTV and BBC and has a simple workflow and communication tool.

29. Rocking Book Covers

Rocking Book Covers is a “bestselling book cover design for self-publishing authors” service.

In a world where most people judge a book by its cover, you’d want your next book cover to design has the highest quality possible.


GDPCIC is a bound book printing and brochure printing service.

It has three packages, based on the number of pages of your book and offers free postage for all three packages.

31. BrandBuilders

BrandBuilders is a service that offers done-for-you websites that work.

The service offers two options:

  1. Done-for-you affiliate websites
  2. Done-for-you FBA websites

It has been featured in major publications such as the Entrepreneur.

32. Gatsboy

Gatsboy offers “ultra-fast managed websites.”

It uses a simple 5-step design process and has simple and affordable pricing for small businesses.

33. DesignThingy

DesignThingy is an on-demand design conversion to pixel perfect HTML/CSS website.

It is ideal for startups, indie makers, agencies and freelancers.

34. Build Mojo

Build Mojo is an unlimited Ruby on Rails or Node JS development service for a fixed monthly cost that starts at $1299.

You can build an eCommerce platform, real-time chat application, backend for mobile Apps and any backend development using Ruby on Rails or NodeJS.

35. Mettrr

Mettrr is a website development service for small businesses.

It has helped over 5,000 businesses build and get their website live in less than 48 hours.

36. Flocksy

Flocksy is an unlimited graphic design, web development and copywriting service that completes most projects in less than 24 hours.

Pricing starts at $349 per month and includes a seamless and straightforward onboarding process.

37. Unlimited App Development

Unlimited App Development is offering your unlimited App development at a fixed price.

The service offers a dedicated tech team at a fixed price, as well as a free 24/7 monitoring of your app.

38. Infographic Design Services

Infographic Design Services offer infographic designs from $74.99 per month.

You can request infographics for any need — recruiting, data survey presentation, comparisons and PR/marketing campaigns.  

39. FatJoe

FatJoe is an infographic design service that offers four pricing plans based on the length of the infographic and the number of blocks the infographic includes.

The service works seamlessly with all types of companies and offers a 100% money guarantee.  

40. Work Hero

Work Hero offers “unlimited technical and designs tasks done by experienced programmers and designers for a flat monthly rate.”

Pricing starts at $197 per month with annual billing.

41. Chalet Engine

Chalet Engine is a web design and management service for ski chalets and apartments.

It offers a variety of services like website analytics, backup of your website and SEO optimisation.

42. TourismTiger

TourismTiger is a web design for tourism and travel websites.

It offers two packages, depending on your design and business needs.

43. alltime design

Similar to other design-as-a-service websites, all time design offers unlimited graphic designs for a flat montly fee.

Starting at $415 per month, this service can cover your design needs, regardless of the number of designs or the number of revisions you need.

Content Creation as a Service

44. iWriter

iWriter is a content and article writing service that allows you to order content based on your needs in five simple steps.

The service offers four plans, and there is a reliable rating system for the writers.

You can have your content written quickly, professionally and affordably.

45. Sweet Fish Media

Sweet Fish Media is a podcast creation service for B2B brands.

The service only allows you to “partner with your ideal clients to create industry-specific content   an interview-based podcast.”

Important companies like Unbounce have used this service for their podcast needs.

46. Content Sherpa

Content Sherpa is a content creation service that specialises in medium to long-form text-based communication.

It is productized services that with clients in all over the world, helping them with their content and copy needs.

47. Flux Content

Flux Content offers you unlimited content with a low monthly price.

You can get on-demand, quality content for your startup, agency or freelance business.

Pricing starts at $249 per month and includes custom-made content and quick turnaround time.

48. GrumpyText

GrumpyText offers you unlimited content at 297$ per month.

Top-notch authors and writers compose your content for a monthly fee.

The services that GrumpyText offers are posts for your business blog, affiliate content, posts for your academic blog, posts for your niche blog, SEO copywriting and keyword research and website content.

49. Ghost Blog Writers

Ghost Blog Writers offers blogging services for businesses.

Pricing starts at $65 for a 600-word post and includes Title, SEO optimisation, images and upload in your CMS.

50. Scribble

Scribble is an on-demand blog writing subscription for startups.

It helps you get — and be consistent with — your content efforts to the next level by automating the process of blog writing.

51. Audience Ops

Audience Ops is a popular content creation service that gets you custom blog posts and leads magnets that will resonate with your audience.

It helps you get evergreen content in front of your visitors’ eyes with a comfortable and plug-and-play way.

The service offers three pricing plans that start at $850 per month.  

52. FullService

FullService is a premium done-for-you marketing service that can grow your business.

The service is perfect for startups, digital agencies, busy freelancers, digital nomads, eCommerce stores, small business owners, online advertisers and bloggers.

53. Brand New Copy

Brand New Copy is a productized service that helps businesses of all sizes with their copywriting needs.

It can help you with your web copywriting, SEO copywriting, product descriptions, content marketing and product description copywriting services.

54. Scribe Writing

Scribe Writing (formerly Book In A Box) helps you turn your ideas into books.

It has helped over 1,000 authors in just four years some of which are very popular New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers.

55. Methodical Writing

Methodical Writing is an unlimited copywriting service for a monthly fee.

The service helps you with your Ads copy, blog posts, brochures, direct Email, Emails, newsletters, social media, web pages and more.  

56. Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs is a “complete solution for building an affiliate website empire.”

It offers a variety of services like ready-made niche sites, custom-made niche sites or an aged site, monthly article subscription, article packs or eBooks and a range of SEO-related and training services.

57. BlogRequest

BlogRequest creates — in its own words — “ technical content that ranks.”

This service can help you improve your SEO, grow your audience, find your content style and define your tone.

58. Content Refined

Content Refined is a content creation service that offers a variety of blog writing services.

It currently offers three plans that start at $429 per month and include a certain number of words per month, writing and editing and SEO optimisation.

59. Contentation

Contentation is an all-inclusive blog management service.

It helps you create a content strategy, generate ideas, get high-quality blog posts and seamlessly manage your blog.

It offers three plans that start at $139 per month.

60. Scribly

Scribly is an unlimited copywriting service from just $599 per month.

It helps you get a high-quality copy for your landing pages, Facebook Ads, Email campaigns, long-form content and product pages.

61. Copy Masters

Copy Masters is a team of trained and skilled copywriters to help scale your content marketing and generate leads.

It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and has authors that contribute to publications like the Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post and KISSmetrics.

62. Copify

Copify is the leading website copywriting services that deliver quick, quality content written by qualified, approved copywriters.

This service can help you with your website content, blogging, eCommerce content, article writing, press release writing and Email writing.

63. Godot

Godot is a content writing service that can help you with a variety of content-related tasks like blog writing, copywriting, product descriptions,   media and more.

With customers like ING and Sotheby’s, this is a productized service you can trust.

64. Visually

Visually positions itself as a “premium content creation service for better marketing.”

It is a full creative service that offers a variety of products, from videos to infographics, eBooks, reports, presentations and interactive microsites.

65. Snap

Snap provides you with conversion-optimized copy-on-demand.

It is an expert on-demand copywriting team that helps you optimise your pages, posts and Emails in a plug-and-play way.

66. Copydue

Copydue gets you close to top writers.

It provides premium, on-demand content from experienced writers. Make sure to check it out.

67. ContentFly

ContentFly is a place where you can hire vetted writers for $250 per month.

Simply put, you can choose the Standard Plan and have content pieces like blog posts, landing pages and Newsletter delivered to you every month.

WordPress Support & Hosting

68. RipplePop

RipplePop is a service that “offers unlimited WordPress developer help a flat rate”.

All you have to do is submit your request, get your personal developer ready for all your needs, send your requests and get daily site backups and weekly reports to monitor your performance.  

69. WP Curve

WP Curve is a premium support service for WordPress websites — you get unlimited fixes 24/7.

Pricing starts at $79 a month, and all the tasks are accomplished on the same day.  

70. Restaurant Engine

Restaurant Engine is a website design solution for restaurants.

It offers a variety of services for restaurant owners through a seamless design and optimisation process.

71. WP Ezi

WP Ezi is a support and assistance service for WordPress websites.

It currently offers three pricing plans that start at $89 and can also fulfil individual tasks for $79.

72. WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a 24/7 WordPress website maintenance and management support services.

The service offers security for your website, speed optimisation, 24/7 monitoring, advanced support and transparent reports.

73. CloudOptimus

CloudOptimus is a WordPress hosting service for professional bloggers.  

It is trusted by popular bloggers like Neil Strauss, Taylor Pearson, Nat Eliason and Justin Mares.

74. SpeedKills

SpeedKills is an “insanely fast WordPress hosting for your website”.

It helps you improve your site speed, tighten your security and focus on the things that matter for your business.

75. WP Quickie

WP Quickie is task fulfilment service for WordPress websites.

You can place your order and get WordPress changes, updates and maintenance for your website.

76. MemberFix

MemberFix is — in its words — “a small, passionate team of tech and membership site wizards who take all the burden of running an online business safely off your hands”.

From a simple fix to troubleshooting or an integration, MemberFix helps you avoid all the hassle of running a website and instead focus on what matters.

77. LightSpeedWP

LightSpeedWP is a WordPress speed optimisation service that turns your slow website into a “high-speed sales machine”.

The service offers three pricing plans that include a one-time fee.

78. Theme Valet

Theme Valet is a WordPress theme setup service that starts at $99 with a 24-hr turnaround time.

All you have to do is find the theme that you like, place your order and wait for your website to be delivered.

79. wpSaaS

wpSaaS is a WordPress customer support as a service that gets the “customer support” factor out of the equation.

What you get is a dedicated team that handles all your customer support requests, along with monthly reporting and everything you might need to run your online business more effectively.

Audio/ Video & Podcast Editing

80. Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting is a podcast service for thought leaders.

It helps you start your podcast or edit your podcast and thus grow your audience, authority and customer base.

81. CastingWords

CastingWords is a transcription service that provides audio, video and captions for your interviews, podcasts and other audio materials.

Pricing is based on the number of words and is affected by the turnaround time.

82. Rev

Rev allows you to transcribe audio to text in a seamless way.

The service allows you to convert audio to video or text, add English captions to your videos, add foreign language subtitles to videos and also translate documents into 35+ languages.

83. Scribie

Scribie is an audio/ video transcription service that starts at $0.1 per minute.

The service allows you to transcribe your audio and video seamlessly.

84. Freedom Podcasting

Freedom Podcasting is a podcast editing and podcast production service.

It helps artists, entrepreneurs and companies produce world-class podcasts.

85. Resonate Recordings

Resonate Recordings is a podcast and audio editing service.

With customers like Citibank and The Boston Consulting Group, this service promises high-quality services for your podcast or audio needs.

86. Podcast Motor

Podcast Motor is a podcast editing service for busy professionals.

The service helps you create top-notch podcasts and connect with your audience effectively.

87. Podigy

Podigy is an online podcast editing service that helps you clean up and edit your podcasts.

Pricing depends on the number of the episodes, and some plans (even) include SEO optimisation for your podcast episodes.

88. Podcast Rocket

Podcast Rocket is an online service that helps you with speech clean up, mastering of your audio and copywriting needs (show notes, transcriptions or quotes).

It also has an interactive form that allows you to calculate the costs of the services you need.


90. SERPchampion

SERPchampion is a white-label SEO service.

It offers four primary services which are aged domains, done-for-you affiliate websites, link audit and guest posting services.

91. Brass Tacks

Brass Tacks is an analytics audit and consultation service, created by Chris Vannoy.

It comes with a one-time cost of $999 and includes specific deliverables that will help you understand your website analytics better, and also measure what matters most.  

92. Kudu

Kudu is an on-demand AdWords management service for businesses of all sizes and across different industries.

You can start using the service in three easy steps: find an AdWords expert, discuss your needs and make an advertising plan, start advertising and monitor performance.  

93. SEOak

SEOak is an eCommerce SEO service for online retailers of all sizes.

It can help you optimise your eCommerce website for SEO, increase your visibility and get higher rankings.

94. Member Up

Member Up is in its own words: “data-driven consulting for membership site owners.”

There are three services on the website right now that can cover all your consulting needs and point you in the right direction.  

95. Goby Savvy

Goby Savvy is an expert UX review and audit for your website or App.

With clients like P&G and Pizza Hut, it is the go-to solution when it comes to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and UX audit.

96. Ethercycle

Ethercycle is a productized service that helps Shopify stores increase their revenue and grow seamlessly.

It offers a variety of services that can help your Shopify store launch, run and grow.

97. Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks is a marketplace of pre-selected gigs that can help your business grow in a plug-and-play way.

It offers a variety of services like Facebook Ads management, Instagram growth, social media management, SEO optimisation and more.

98. 8020boost

8020boost is a service that designs landing pages for PPC campaigns.

It can help you avoid all the hassle of finding designers, copywriters and coders for your landing pages and delivers all standard projects within three days.

99. Whole

Whole offers eCommerce marketing services for Shopify.

From Instagram growth to Facebook Ads management and conversion rate optimisation, this high-quality productized service can get your Shopify store to the next level.

100. RankBOSS

RankBOSS is a link-building service that can help you rank higher by getting high-quality backlinks for your website.

This is an all-in-one solution for your website optimisation and brand reputation building.

101. Smart Lead Magnets

Smart Lead Magnets is a lead generation service for coaches.

It can help you build credibility, grow your authority and engage with your audience by offering them high-quality lead magnets that will add value to their lives.

102. $99 Social

$99 Social takes social media out of your daily to-do list, by offering fresh content and management for your social media outlets 365 days a year.

The pricing starts at $99 per month, and the service comes with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

103. Growthstore

Growthstore is a marketplace of marketing gigs that can help you run and grow your online business.

Gigs include Instagram growth, SEO and website development — more gigs are added every week.

104. Social Hackettes

Social Hackettes offer organic social media marketing and growth services.

It can help you grow on all major social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

105. Reliablesoft

Reliablesoft offers social media packages for small businesses.

Pricing for social media management starts at $399 per month.

The service also offers advertising services for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

106. Linkology

Linkology is a link building service for SEO agencies and businesses.

Based on your needs, you can choose the plan that fits you the most and gets high-quality backlinks from high-authority and highly relevant websites.

107. LinkedFire

LinkedFire is helping B2B companies generate more leads on LinkedIn, through done-for-you LinkedIn lead generation.

The service offers two plans and the pricing is determined by the number of prospects you need for your business.

108. MassCampaigns

MassCampaigns offer unlimited paid campaign services starting at $399 per month.

The service helps you set up and manage paid campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Bing and Yahoo.

109. BeanJungle

BeanJungle is a plug-and-play Instagram management solution.

It offers three pricing plans and includes a smooth onboarding process for any business.  

110. Heroic Search

Heroic Search is a link-building service.

It helps you get high-quality backlinks from high-authority websites that are relevant to your website.

111. Creative Boris

Creative Boris is your outsourced social media management team.

It offers three pricing plans and covers the needs of individuals, agencies and published that require a bespoke pricing plan.

112. Little Ads

Little Ads is a Facebook Ad Management service for businesses that want to start advertising on Facebook.

It offers three pricing plans that are tailored to any advertising budget, from $500 per month to more than $10K per month.

Lead Generation

113. Steward

Steward is a sales research, lead list building, contact info sourcing and cold Emailing service.

It has helped companies like PandaDoc, growth X and even Square with their sales and lead list building needs.

114. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is an automated sales prospecting tool that helps you find anyone’s contact information and level-up your lead generation game.

You can also sort data by industry, role, location, Ad budget, employee size, technologies, verified Emails, keywords and hire intent.

115. RevBoss

RevBoss is a sales prospecting as a service tool that allows you to build your sales pipeline seamlessly.

Companies like ListenLoop, Bivarus, SpendSetter and CloudFactory has used the service — pricing starts at $2,000 per month.

116. Detective

Detective is an “intelligence platform for sellers”.

This service allows you to automate the hours of call rep and prospecting and get high quality leads for your sales team.

Online Support

117. Help Flow

Help Flow is a live chat service for your website.

It gets real-human live chat agents to answer questions, generates leads and helps your customers get instant answers to their questions.

118. is an online workshop for productized services.

It helps you turn or re-create your business model so that you can go from a service business to a productized service.  

119. Drupal Aid

Drupal Aid is an online support and maintenance service for Drupal websites.

You get unlimited support, monthly maintenance and countless small tasks starting at $99.

120. AppAfterCare

AppAfterCare is a done-for-you maintenance service for businesses that have an App already in the App Store.

In its words, the service helps you “easily turn your App from a liability into an asset”.

121. Hubsnacks

Hubsnacks is an unlimited Hubspot tasks service for a fixed monthly fee.  

Pricing has a distinction between “User Pricing” and “Agency Pricing” and comes with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

122. Storetasker

Storetasker is a place where you can outsource Shopify design, development and marketing projects.

It’s a marketplace that can help you with various Shopify-related tasks, such as picking up a theme for your new Shopify store.

Public Relations

123. Publicize

Publicize changes the way startups approach PR.

It delivers everything you need for media coverage and has been featured in major publications such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur and INC.

124. Help A Reporter

Help A Reporter is a unique subscription service that allows you to pitch journalists and get media exposure at a monthly rate.

You can start discovering media opportunities for free, but there are paid options as well that start at $19 per month.

Coaching Services

125. Wealth Enhancers

Wealth Enhancers is a community that enables millennials to become financially independent and free.

It offers different membership plans based on your needs and goals.  

126. Superfast Business

SuperFast Business is a private coaching community for ambitious entrepreneurs.

It has helped 3,000 members generate more than 100K per year through its membership program.

127. Kai Davis

Kai Davis is an online library of resources for freelancers and consultants.

It can help you get more clients by a variety of educational products and membership programs.

128. UI Breakfast

UI Breakfast is a productized service that helps “software companies design profitable web applications.”

Besides a curation of free resources, UI Breakfast offers very specific services that can help you get a better understanding of your web application or design a new one.

It offers monthly creative direction and everything that you may need to get your web App to the next level.

129. Draft Revise

Draft Revise is a productized service that helps you test different elements when it comes to your design and ultimately make you more money.

By running A/B tests and testing things like the copy, the CTAs, landing page design or the shipping terms, this service provides high-quality optimisation services to eCommerce businesses.

130. Bench

Bench is an online bookkeeping service for small businesses.

This productized service gives you a team of bookkeepers to do your books and intuitive software to monitor your financials.

The service offers five pricing plans for different business sizes.

131. 3 Wise Bears

3 Wise Bears is a “dynamic firm of chartered accountants”.

It specialises in supporting small businesses, contractors, freelancers and landlords with accounting services.

132. Zenkeep

Zenkeep is a cloud-based bookkeeping firm.

It helps you manage your payroll, bills, invoicing, time tracking and reporting for a monthly rate.

133. Destination Legal

Destination Legal is an online hub of legal resources and templates for coaches, website owners, photographers and web freelancers.

You can browse to the website, find the template that fits your needs, but it and start using it with your clients.

134. Paro

Paro is an on-demand finance team.

In its own words, Paro “matches you to the top 2% of CFOs, financial analysts, CPAs and bookkeepers with applicable experience at lightning speed”.

Do you know any productized service businesses that we didn’t include in this article?

Comment below and we’ll be glad to consider adding them!

Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos is the founder and Growth Product Manager of Growth Sandwich. He is among the first Customer-led experts in the world, leveraging advanced, Jobs-to-be-done customer research to orchestrate and guide Growth for B2B SaaS companies. A- and B- series SaaS are hiring him to organise, design and execute programs that infuse the whole company with qualitative data, empathy and the necessary knowledge to address any growth dilemma. In the last 4 years, he has worked with more than 100 SaaS companies and trained literally, thousands through my physical and online courses.