Aggelos is impressive in identifying the right channels for an early-stage startup. He gives insights on growth methods that we would otherwise find nowhere else, and it was really helpful for us. He is one of the very few growth experts I came across who knows his stuff and has relevant and actionable insights that can explode the growth of a product.

About the Author: Aggelos Mouzakitis

Aggelos is the founder and Growth Product Manager of Growth Sandwich. He is among the first Customer-led experts in the world, leveraging advanced, Jobs-to-be-done customer research to orchestrate and guide Growth for B2B SaaS companies. A- and B- series SaaS are hiring him to organise, design and execute programs that infuse the whole company with qualitative data, empathy and the necessary knowledge to address any growth dilemma. In the last 4 years, he has worked with more than 100 SaaS companies and trained literally, thousands through my physical and online courses.
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