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We apply a Growth Methodology to Content Marketing by creating a flexible, low-cost, and data-driven Content Marketing Strategy that will consistently drive traffic and maximize ROI.

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They are really thoughtful professionals. With step-by-step instructions he managed to transform our growth strategy, train our team on how to keep a good momentum and finally drove actual results! Their approach and work process is clear and eventually effective, making them the best growth hackers I've talked with! Finally, with their own suggestions our conversion rate skyrocketed and the less I can do is recommend them!

Konstantinos Livieratos
Software Enginner, Tech entrepreneur @ Intelligems

What you can expect

  • A list of topics to create content about along with all the related keywords you need to include
  • A re-formatting strategy for you to smartly, efficiently diversify this content
  • A detailed brief on how your content needs to look
  • A content activation strategy that you can easily implement
  • A detailed analysis on what you should expect, monitor and track in your content
  • A list of experiments to run so that you understand the effectiveness of your content
  • Lead magnet ideas to get inspiration from and eventually choose


Not-so-fun fact: 9/10 companies we see create content based on intuition or the advice of incompetent content gurus. Their strategies are not data driven, they are expensive, inflexible and not smart. This service is designed for you, marketers or founders that have identified one or more of these characteristics in their content strategy.

If you are serious about investing in content then you also need to be familiar with the term content marketing. This term is being used by many and can be translated into several interpretations according to who is using it. For us the true meaning of the term is the creation of content that is data driven, customer oriented, flexible and smart.

The WoW word though is data driven. When deciding what kind of content you want to produce, you can’t rely this decision on intuition and opinion. Of course these are great qualities and can be really useful in times but when it comes to content, you need to be able to genuinely win the attention of the users AND of the search engines.

This means that your content needs to be created in a way that has a really good flow and is honestly appealing to the target audience, while at the same time it is SEO optimized in order to signify to search engine crawlers that its quality is top notch. Our expert team uses both audience and search data to specify what types of content should be produced and to what criteria they should abide to.

What we need from you

  • The necessary marketing homework (competition analysis, personas, USP analysis). If you haven’t done it, we can help you on this.
  • A good understanding of what your company is doing / selling / aiming for
  • A clear understanding of the resources, both financial and human you have to run an content strategy. We don’t want to design something that you are unable to implement.

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