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We apply a Growth Hacking methodology to conduct a thorough Keyword Research to identify exactly what will bring you organic & paid traffic and boost your ROI.

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They joined us for a short assignment to help us develop our B2B marketing strategy. They really understood our business and our audience and brought some great growth ideas to the table. They are focused on delivery results and worked in a very focused way to ensure he was able to deliver all of the streams of work in the limited time he had with the team.

Sophie Adelman
Co-founder, GM @ WhiteHat

What you can expect

But what does our keyword research really offer? We will answer this question honestly in just a few bullet points.
* A good understanding of the search terms your target group uses as queries in order to find relevant to yours products or services.
* The amount of relevant searches performed monthly by your target group.
* Short and long tail keywords that can be used in your paid advertising campaigns.
* Competition insights on the respective keywords.
* A data driven approach to your SEO efforts.
* Data from specific keywords that can be used in the creation of content and landing pages.


Ah, good ol' Keyword research...the beginning of everything, the absolute, #1 thing-to-do before starting any form of marketing. Tbh, our brains hurt from watching Marketers out there skip this step.

Billions of searches are performed daily, solely on Google. If you work with the right team of people, this can be interpreted into huge profit right into your pocket. Even a single keyword, one sole search term, if used correctly can drive tones of traffic to your website both organically (free) and via paid advertising. Keyword research helps not only in generating traffic, but generating quality traffic, which means people that will convert into leads and sales.

Once we get a complete understanding of your brand, company and products/services we will use various tools to build a list of keywords that can be paired well with your brand and target audience. We can then proceed in suggesting tailored content solutions that aim to solve actual problems of your target audience thus giving you the opportunity to launch successful lead generation and conversion campaigns.

Via our keyword research process we also aim to understand how your competition behaves in the digital landscape. We will find where your competition bids, how hard it is to outrank them (both organically and with PPC advertising) and which keywords can be the most fruitful to use in your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Finally our keyword research aims to uncover the buying intent of your potential customers. People use other search terms when looking for information about a product or service and different ones when looking to make a purchase. Our data driven keyword research process will unravel the keywords with the highest potential to be used in queries by potential paying customers and will dictate an accurate course of action as to where you can invest further in order to lead these people to your website.

What we need from you

  • Access to your analytics and past paid campaigns
  • A good understanding of your companies goal / what you're doing or sellilng

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