Paid Advertising CRO

Growth Hacking methodology applied to your existing Advertising Campaigns to help you maximize your KPIs and overall ROI.

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They joined us for a short assignment to help us develop our B2B marketing strategy. They really understood our business and our audience and brought some great growth ideas to the table. They are focused on delivery results and worked in a very focused way to ensure he was able to deliver all of the streams of work in the limited time he had with the team.

Sophie Adelman
Co-founder, GM @ WhiteHat

What you can expect

  • Break down of your entire funnel and and identification of potential blockers, as well as areas with room for optimisation
  • Ideation and ranking of ideas with assumptions based on ease VS impact VS cost of implementation VS confidence
  • Establishment of a hypothesis, with a list of experiments you need to run or obvious changes that will improve the funnel’s performance
  • Monitoring of funnel performance and the outcome of our experiments


So, your PPC campaigns are up and running, your social media content drives traffic to your website and your SEO has bore fruit and you have a decent amount of organic traffic as well. However, people seem to bounce off your website without completing the desired actions that you need in order to maintain your commercial activity. The answer is that there is a problem with your funnel! This means that you need to invest in Conversion Rate Optimization.

Conversion rate optimisation is becoming more of a priority for companies of all different sizes. It can have a dramatic impact on the overall success of your business, so it makes sense to pay attention to the smaller details that could double sales and triple enquiries whilst maintaining your outgoings.
Conversion rate optimization, simply put, is the process of cutting down and analyzing every step of your marketing funnel, from the point of the first interaction to the bottom line where the conversion occurs, in order to pinpoint specific areas of improvement.

This service is not about driving more traffic to your website. It’s about making your existing traffic convert better! As growth marketers there is one concept we deem as the most important when it comes to CRO: A/B testing. Once your funnel is broken down, we will A/B test every step of it and measure the performance of each variant in order to come down to the best performing one.

The variety of tools we use allows us to get a good understanding of your funnels, your users’ behavior on your website and landing pages and the ways we can improve the respective steps in order to minimize bounce rates and have users move on to the next stages of the funnel. We perform detailed user behavior audits that give us the data we need in order to suggest changes that will have an immediate impact to your bottom line.

Conversion rate optimization should definitely be a priority for you, if you want to maximize your overall ROI from your online marketing campaigns and we are here to provide a deeply scientific and data driven approach in order to make that happen.

What we need from you

  • Past performance data of the funnel
  • Access to analytics
  • A good understanding of what your company is doing / selling / aiming for

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