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Growth Hacking methodology applied to set up a bangin' Quora Ad campaign to help you drive traffic and maximize leads, sales and overall conversions.

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They are impressive in identifying the right channels for an early stage startup. They gives insights on growth hacking methods that we would otherwise find nowhere else, and it was really helpful for us at WhatRuns. They are among the very few growth hackers I came across who know their stuff and have relevant and actionable insights that can explode the growth of a product.

Jijo Sunny
Co-founder @ WhatRuns

What you can expect

  • A data driven strategy and course of action that will aim to set your selling proposition within the context of Quora, by taking into consideration the nature of the channel.
  • Creation of advertisements using a growth hacking methodology in terms of A/B testing, sponsoring and converting.
  • Audience targeting based on data from your current marketing funnel, our own research and Quora scrapping.
  • Weekly reports on the performance of your campaigns.
  • Frequent suggestions and planned optimizations in order to make the most out of your advertising budget.


Quora is the most active knowledge base in the world right now, even though it is a fairly young social network. People turn to Quora to find reliable, valuable information, so showcasing your expertise through Quora ads is a great way to get in front of users during the awareness and consideration stages of the marketing funnel.

With over 200 million unique active monthly users, Quora can become a reliable asset to your advertising efforts and with our guidance you will be able to reach your target audience by taking advantage of the platform’s niche targeting options.
Since Quora advertising is a fairly new feature, the costs to advertise on the platform are significantly lower than other social media which presents a great opportunity for you to stay ahead of your competition and drive a consistent flow of visitors and revenue from the channel.

The Quora landscape is comprised of topics that users can follow and share their knowledge and expertise, ask questions and get valuable answers. If you choose to advertise on Quora, we will help you create a solid strategy in order to target specific topics related to your industry, with native content ads that will be laser targeted in order to drive quality traffic to your website that matches your marketing persona.

We will also take advantage of the remarketing features of Quora, as we are able to retarget people who have previously visited your website. This information is sent to Quora via the Quora conversion pixel that we will help you install on your website in order to capture significant data of your visitors, data that we will use in order to further warm up your current visitors and eventually convert them into paying customers.

So, if you want to leverage the true commercial potential of the world’s most famous Q&A platform then this service is for you. Our approach in Quora can help you make a difference and unlock a channel that you'd never expect could prove so strong in terms of acquisition.

What we need from you

  • Access to your Quora Business account
  • A good understanding of what your company is doing / selling / aiming for

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