Setup and Streamline Analytics

The set up & streamlining of your Google Analytics and other tools through a Growth Hacking methodology to automatically track various user actions and your desired KPIs to maximize efficiency and attribution.

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They know their stuff! They are particularly adept at clearly communicating new and emerging marketing tactics to those who may have a more traditional approach and then adapting those practices to help enhance a business or company profile. They also keep you on your toes!

Christina Fotinelli
Corporate event producer @ Rivet Event Management

What you can expect

A thorough review of your existing analytics, introduction to new analytics tools if needed, guidance in order to accurately interpret data into actionable insights. After this service is completed, you can expect to have a comprehensive view of your entire marketing funnel, simply by accessing your analytics.


Being able to properly analyze the behavior of your visitors is the key to optimizing the sum of your marketing endeavours. Google Universal Analytics is the foundation of your digital strategy and you must be able to interpret correctly the data you extract from it. Many companies face a lot of problems when extracting data from their analytics. That’s why we are here! Our years of experience in the field have cultivated the expertise needed in order to:

  • Conduct a thorough audit of your analytics to identify problematic areas of your website that may disrupt data collection. We may leverage from the use of other analytics tools, besides Google analytics, that can provide a more accurate picture of your website like Kissmetrics and Clicky.
  • Introduce valuable insights gathered from the audit we performed that can be interpreted in actionable steps that aim to address specific business goals.
  • Translate your digital marketing KPIs into GA Goals that will measure the success of your marketing campaigns.
  • Create easily readable dashboards that will consistently provide a clear image of your visitors’ behavior, the progress of your most important KPIs and data driven insights on your online business.

Even if analytics is not your forte, you will find that, through our technical analysis and evaluation, being able to understand data and getting accurate insights from it, you will be able to outperform your competition and be one step ahead of them in your digital marketing campaigns.

What we need from you

Access to your analytics

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