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With the resources available today, any idea can – and should – be validated in a lean way, prior to the investing of any significant resources. When planning a new project, nothing should be taken for granted – you do not know if your assumed value proposition, personas, messages, or your selling points will hold true. We use a data-driven Lean Product/Market Validation framework to lead you from a simple idea to a value proposition and we experiment rapidly to get understandings on exactly what works, and what doesn’t; doubling down on what does and discarding what doesn’t respectively, whilst always extrapolating understandings about the “why”.

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Your Growth Team

Our team is diverse - and so is our experience. We’ve built startups. We’ve failed, and done it all over again. Just like that, Venture Building is not a one-size-fits-all model; different audiences, products, funnels each have their own unique characteristics. In the past decade, we’ve had the chance to work with the “creme de la creme” of the London startup scene, applying those learnings along the way.


What You’re Getting

While every case is different, there are some processes and methodologies we apply religiously. Your time is valuable, and we hate fluff and filler content, so we’ll get straight to the point:

From 0 to 1

In the past 15 years, we’ve had the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience validating, launching and scaling various new businesses and productized services, working with both corporates and ambitious founders.

While a very large part of our strategizing and decision making depends on that experience, our own intuition might prove us wrong more often than not – and that’s a good thing. Some decisions might fall under experience, while others should be tested. The point is, important assumptions and hypotheses should never be taken for granted.

Whenever we have an internal debate within the team about anything, we test it. It’s a proven process that helps scale, whilst saving money, time and other resources. We use a Product Validation framework to decide and prioritize what to test, why and how to test it, and what metrics will decide the outcome.

During this stage of our cooperation, we will, together:

➡ Define your goals, values, strengths
➡ Discover your target market
➡ Determine your target market/niche
➡ Research viability of target market
➡ Research distribution channels for the target market
➡ Define what your potential customers want
➡ Do user interviews and testing
➡ Identify gaps and opportunities
➡ Research existing solutions

Lean Market Validation

When looking to launch a new business, productized service or Service as a Product (SaaP), a lean experimentation framework has been the proven way to go. The most important facets of your business you theorize about – your product, your audience, etc. – cannot be taken for granted.

We’ll work with you on brainstorming and prioritizing what to test, whilst always considering the market landscape. From your business model, value proposition and selling points, to your competitors and the assumed needs of your personas – we’ll test a variety of hypotheses on the best available channels, and conclude based on results which of our assumptions held true. This way, you’ll end up with a data-driven strategy based not on theory, but based on what data can tell us about what, why, and how you should move forward, based on those validated market conditions.

During this stage of our cooperation, we will, together:

➡ Define the hypothesis that we will test
➡ Build something small, just for validation purposes
➡ Drive traffic to your prototype
➡ Evaluate results
➡ Plan your product MVP
➡ Monitor progress until you are ready to ship your MVP
➡ Iterate on MVP based on real data user feedback
➡ Evaluate product/market fit

A straightforward relationship based on speed & trust

Trust – the key to which is speed, good communication and overall efficiency – is failing between agencies and clients. At the same time, validating an early stage startup is not just about marketing; it requires the continuous and healthy coordination of Product, Marketing, and the Founding Team.

Working with us, you can expect an interpersonal relationship that deviates from your average agency – working with you closely to brainstorm important facets of your business that require validation. Our testing that is to follow also requires your close collaboration, which is why we make sure all of our communication is direct and fast, whilst always keeping you in the loop about what, why, and how we do things.

Who is it for?

This service definitely isn’t for everyone. We’ll work with you to take your product or service from idea to a validated value proposition, ending with a solid data-driven strategy based on our findings. But one thing we strongly consider is how much value we actually believe we could provide in validating your product or service. Just as important to us however, is chemistry – because we won’t be able to do our best work if we’re not on the same page.

This service is ideal for…

  • Innovation Managers / Program Managers or Product Directors of larger companies looking to build and validate a new tech product and discover key areas to focus on in terms of marketing & product.
  • Founders of an idea-stage startup looking to validate their idea. Your project should either not have started development or be in the early stages of it.
  • Aspiring Founder of a productized service aka Service As a Product (SaaP)

You shouldn’t consider this service if you’re…

  • Outsourcing entrepreneurship. You will need to be ready to get your hands dirty too. The creation of a new business cannot be entirely outsourced.


They have an innovative approach to growth marketing that often only found with US based operators. It was a pleasure to work with the team across a range of projects, which saw us launch two brand new companies into the market and deliver an educational growth marketing series.
- Jake Higgins, Forward Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the venture building process look like?

The first couple of weeks won’t see too much “validating” – before any of that is done, we need to break down your project into small pieces, and outline it into something that can be tested. We’ll have joint sessions with your team, where we’ll dive into your project through our product development framework – discussing and exchanging thoughts about your idea, brainstorming, and in the end, “killing” some elements that we mutually agree shouldn’t be there, and reiterating the elements that should be focused on.

After this process, the real action starts. We’ll set up and run all experiments we outlined during our product development phase – which, depending on the nature of your project, will differ in terms of approach, and choice of channels – testing all of our hypotheses and bringing back actionable data.

The data we’ll end up with will help us define what your minimum viable product should look like; showcasing whether or not your idea will work in the first place, how it would work, what the focus areas should be based on findings, and what has shown to not work and you should avoid.

At the end of these two phases, you’ll have everything you need to lead your product development more effectively, capitalize on marketing opportunities, and streamline your cooperation with a development firm / your developers more smoothly.

All the above is done via a combination of time we’ll be spending together at your offices, and work our team will do internally on our own time.


Which is your focus

So far, we have had the chance to work on multiple different industries and sector so we like calling ourselves industry-agnostic. But the truth is we have a special appetite for productized services and “Service as a Product” businesses.


How much do you guys charge?

While we want to keep our pricing transparent, this differs to each case. But, to help you form an understanding, our monthly pricing is relatively close to that of a senior Head of Growths’ monthly salary.


What are some things you’ve achieved / case studies?

We’re proud to have some great cases to talk about. While we just launched this new website, you are not able to see them online, but we’re happy to share details with you upon request – ask us in your consultation!


Will you join us in our office during our time working together?

While we’ll definitely spend some time together either online or have in-person meetings while working with you, we cannot commit to working consistently at your offices – we are not an in-house team.


How do you differ from other Venture / Startup Builders?

There are two types of venture builders – one is the former development agency that does some combination of market research with user testing, the other is the consulting-style agency that focuses on the business behind your idea and outsources the technology. While both of them can be useful, they – with some great exceptions – don’t really understand the nature, process, or framework of modern validation practices.

Most of them won’t answer difficult questions. Most aren’t data-driven. Most don’t use a rapid experimentation framework. You’ll often find yourself spending a ton of money for a McKinsey-style unpractical research, or creating products that people don’t really want.

The idea of lean validation marketing is a relatively new concept – applied by smart founders that want to know some things in advance, prior to the investing of significant resources – and hence, not building something that people simply don’t want.

You likely want to know beforehand whether or not your idea makes sense, which part of it works and which doesn’t, what your key acquisition metrics will look like, who your audience really is, and so on, whilst knowing what the steps are to building something people want, and approaches to gaining traction. This is what validation marketing can do. This is what every new product can and should go through.


Why should I choose you instead of an in-house marketer?

Two reasons. First, as you are still in a idea formation and validation phase, few decent Product or Growth marketers will commit to your project full-time, without a large salary and equity. Your project is still too risky. Secondly and most importantly, lean market validation is a completely new concept and we’re proud to have had that experience of validating countless ideas.

To be perfectly honest: If you can find a person that can apply validation techniques to save you time and money, but also train you on how to lead and manage your product development, turn around, and go hire them. Or introduce them to us, we are actively hiring rockstars!


How much time do you need to deliver real results?

The time needed depends on what you have already done that we do not need to do for you. But to summarize, our whole process, including your training, can take anywhere from a minimum of 3-4 months, to a maximum of 6 months.


What’s your turnaround time?

While we get this is a question many have, we don’t particularly like it because it suggests a lack of trust. That being said, from the beginning of our cooperation, we’ll agree on a specific plan that is broken down by week, so that you’ll know exactly what we’re working on at a given time. We follow our deadlines religiously and are proud of the fact that we incorporate feedback at a stellar speed.

Of course, we understand that this is a really fast-paced environment where things constantly change and need revision – and we’re happy to do so. We are not bureaucrats with contractual changes or ad hoc needs – as long as we’re on the same page in that the project’s scope and goals should not change on a bi-weekly basis.


Do you work with every company that knocks on your door?

No. The truth is, we work only with companies we actually believe in and believe we can create value for, and have chemistry. We believe both of these are essential elements of both parties’ success.